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    Three thousand two hundred and ninety price changes in the Santa Clarita Valley

    3290 – that number is quite large, and I am impressed that over 98% of those are changes to the price in the form of a reduction.

    Price Reductions abound and one of the areas that we have been monitoring and that happens to be where we are Head Quartered, in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Better real estate agents

    Those price reductions are making sellers within our local Real estate venue nervous and, for the most part, they are realizing that they have overpriced their real estate. http://paris911.com/pricereductions

    Now, this does not come at zero cost. It costs plenty when you have real estate listings that are sitting on the market, not selling, waiting days or weeks. The main reason is the feeling on the part of the buyers.

    They consider the real estate listings that have been sitting on the market for sale, as being over priced.

    Case and point, the longer a property sits on the market, without selling, is deemed to have “issues” that may exceed it's listing price.

    Make sure you are keeping current with regard to the real estate you own and within the area where you may want to buy. http://paris911.com/scvintel

    We have been able to get local Intel provided to our Real Estate clientele and other agent's clientele too. We want our real estate owners to be informed as to what their real estate is worth on a monthly basis.

    That is the reason we have built a system that does just that. It is our Southern California Value Intelligence system. Located online at http://SCVintel.com

    It will allow you to keep informed as far as real estate and it is property specific. It will also give you other information that is totally different from other on-line resources.

    First – this is not a “lead generation” system. The information that you provide will only be used to keep you updated as to what your real estate is worth on a monthly basis. Even if you already have a real estate agent you love, that is fine. This system was not built with the intension of “scraping” the internet for leads.

    Second – this system is not a typical real estate syndication website. In fact, it is not a real estate syndication website at all. It is a direct from the local Multiple Listing Service system. It derives all of it's intel directly from the local Boards of Realtors. That is the most accurate data and the most reliable. This is due to the Board of Realtors being held to a higher authority – the LAW!

    Third – It is home specific. In your specific neighborhood, on your same block, you will see the real estate activity you care about. Not across town or in another community or city that you could not care less about. You will see the homes that have been listed for sale without for sale signs. You will also be able to see the list price versus sales price scenario as it is currently trending. Plus a lot more intel that will keep you knowing more than most local Real estate agents.

    This system works for any area within Southern California and It's is our “pride and joy”. You will also find this is not a Seller Only resource. You only have to be a property owner that wants to keep up to date as far as the real estate you own is concerned. We would love to have you as a client of ours, eventually, but that is not the purpose of this system.

    This real estate update system also works for buyers in the local Southern California and Santa Clarita CA markets too. You can utilize it to keep specific track in a specific neighborhood for a particuly type and confirguation of home. Again, the data contained therein is directly obtained, every 15 minutes, from the local Multiple Listing Service.

    I am done ranting now, but must tell you that this system is the best on the planet and brought to you by the Real estate team at Paris911 with the REMAX of California Brokerage.


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