Three Reasons Why some real estate listings that show as being for sale are not

    Every time I shoot a video, especially one where my camera is below my eye level, I’m ready to resume dieting…

    Long time viewer and first time “question asker” wanted to get the answer to the question of why it is when she searches online and finds that “perfect home”, that home is not always actually for sale?

    I’ll give you the top three reasons why this happens way too much.

    When the “consumer”, that is the real estate buyer and or seller, wants to find a home for sale, 92% start their search online.

    That means the vast majority of the “home buying-selling” public consider the BEST source of real estate listing data to be within some website that is on the world wide web.

    When I was a kid…

    This is totally different than when we first started in real estate back in 1998. At that time the agents and Board of Realtors controlled the listing data. To find it online was not possible. In fact, MS DOS(microsoft disk operating system)? – Remember that?  If not, it was a very “uncomfortable” way to enter listing data into the MLS computer. It had a dial up modem at 56 baud and it made the high and low pitch sound as it was connecting(after the modem on the other side picked up while you listened to the phone ring). If I’m speaking a foreign tech tongue – then you must be a millennial 🙂

    Bottom line, listings were not available online as they are today.

    However, while it is convenient to have the listing data online, because of it’s transparent nature, there are “big games” being played.

    Those games include finding listings on line within the real estate syndication websites and via other sources, that are showing as being for sale, but really are not.

    Top Three Reasons that listing may not be available.Ask a real estate question

    Already Sold – Some websites prey on those of you searching for that perfect home. They leave, purposely, some listings as showing as if they are “for sale”, in order to get you to give up your personal and private information so they can sell it to real estate agents.

    Pending properties showing as “active” – Another tactic within some of the online real estate search engines. The “pending status” is supposed to be where that listing  is not showing as it being for sale and available. The seller and the sellers agent are happy and content with the offer they are in escrow with. They don’t want any additional offers, no additional viewings, no further contact from agents or agents buyers. 

    Agents Listing Strategy – Now that I have beaten up the syndication sites and others, I shall have to throw some responsibility on the real estate agents. Those that you would not want to work with because they are saying that a home is for sale, when it really isn’t. There is a way for a real estate agent to advertise a real estate listing, as if it is for sale, when it is not. This is so they can get your info, convert you to being their client, and take it from there. I like to call this the “bad seed” tactic, and it usually ends up bad for the buyer/seller.

    About publication and postcard print and mailings. No Police mechanism in place with those types of advertising models.  Also, Be weary of calling some of those “toll free for more info” numbers that are within publication print advertising, with three digit codes to obtain more info, most are number traps…

    How to stay safe:

    When you are using a local real estate agent’s website, you will be guaranteed of a few things. First and foremost, if the real estate agent’s website is owned and operated by a “Realtor”, they are going to be held to a higher standard. If their website is showing listings for sale, they have to be rendering accurately, or they can get punished by fine, suspension or by losing their license.

    That has some “teeth” folks. Also, most agents have the capability to set their clients on a “listing alerts” notification system that will have you get the new listings at the very same time the real estate agents do. This is before the Real Estate syndication sites are able to get their hands on them.

    Be safe and Search Well. If you have a question for the Paris911 Team, head to the Most Visited Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MacBoX the words, “ask paris911”, without the quotes. Let our REMAX of Valencia CA Team know when you are ready to move, and we will be there for you.

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