There is a lot of “settling” going on with the big banks

    Why is everyone settling? What about suing, that seems to be the flavor of the day. I have to say that we have been “involved” when people get upset and cannot say we like it very much. It seems that lawsuits are like war – there may be a winner – but everyone gets hurt in the process

    With most “legal presses” it is typically the case that everything could have been avoided if the parties would just have talked. Spoken with each other like human beings, were real…

    Unless, a “pay day” is involved. That changes the entire game quickly.

    Searching for homes and real estate news does not have to involve anything as stressful as being the target of a lawsuit. Heck, searching and buying real estate should be quite pleasant. That depends on your consummate real estate professional. Look to the local Multiple Listing service for Santa Clarita

    Just like a high powered attorney, the ones that have been through the trenches, the ones that have argued cases in court – the ones like Perry Mason – they are Brilliant. In real estate being 2nd is no longer good enough.

    Your real estate agent had better be the best and always put your first in every single part of the transaction, unless they should be shielding you 🙂

    Search for homes with a Paris911 dot net system. That system will allow you to view many different types of properties for sale. Notice that I said “properties for sale”. That was on purpose and because some websites show properties that are not for sale. They have been sold or are not available and never were.

    Some real estate sites – the big syndication platforms – allow agents to upload listings without them needing to be actually for sale. It’s kind of like some of the games that are being played on craigslist. Craigslist has the disclaimer, but to police all of those people that are advertising something for sale on Craigslist – that would be impossible.

    The only place where you can be ensured that there is a police mechanism in place is with the local Boards of Realtors. Those members in good standing that are the local real estate agents is where you may want to align your sights. They will be able to give you access to systems called the Multiple Listing Service – Maybe you have heard of this – the MLS? click here to read our mission statement of The Paris911 Team at REMAX

    Have a look at Paris911 dot net. You will be happy to see only homes that are truly for sale being shown there. That is why we don’t want our clients to be misled or manipulated. Click to search for Santa Clarita real estate at Paris911’s website

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