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    The Santa Clarita Valley Open House

    I have always been curious about the “why” that is at work when Real estate agents are doing videos, writing blogs, and sending mailers about how “open houses” don’t sell homes.

    Did you know than according to the National Association of Realtors Open Houses are successful less than 1% of the time in actually selling a home to the person visiting the open house?  That is a fact.

    What about the theory of Six Degrees of Separation – as applied to Real Estate by Paris911?  There is a theory about the Six Degrees of Separation that I think might actually apply to real estate and why your real estate agent should be employing all of the tools to sell your home.
    selling real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley

    When a agent does an open house – they get a chance to tell the world, again, that your home is for sale. The open house gives them another change to hammer the channel where they have advertised your home for sale.  They are able to tell the world, once again, that your home is for sale.  Who Wouldn’t want their home listing re-lived?  However, we are talking about hard work selling homes, not luck or tricks. It is realistically the employing of the Best Advertising and Marketing that will put the most eyes on your home that your agent is trying to sell.  It is the price that is set and whether it is competitive with the market that will best get your home into escrow.

    Whether you are selling your home as a FSBO or through a REALTOR, you will no doubt encounter at least one open house during the process. Instead of dreading an open house embrace it, this could be the way you find your buyer. While a buyer may not directly walk through your front door at you open house, a connector to a buyer might, whether it be the buyer’s REALTOR, friend, sibling, or co-worker. This being said, the better impression your home can make, the more likely you will have a successful open house.

    People looking at a home want to feel comfortable. On the day of your open house make sure that your home looks bright, cheery, fresh, and clean. Bake some cookies and have a delicious smell wafting in the air in your kitchen. Have your furnishings arranged in such a way that your home flows and appears as roomy as possible.

    Simple is good. Have personal items and photos put away, and make sure you have plenty of space available to fresh eyes. People want to envision themselves in your home, not what it would be like living as you.

    Most importantly, back off. Do not follow people around your home as it can make them uncomfortable. Better yet, find something else to do on the day of your open house so that people can come in and feel at home. They just might find that they want to make your home their home!

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