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Housing radio websiteWe just put the finishing touches on our website. Here you will be able to listen to all of the previously recorded shows – ┬áit’s on our Santa Clarita real estate podcast. You can also check out the most current Santa Clarita real estate radio show.

What I do is I solve problems. The buyer of real estate who wants to buy a house comes to me and is not able to find the right house for them or has issues with being able to search for real estate,

I solve the problem. Being a problem solver is open up a lot of doors for me, myself, and of course my real estate team headquartered here at REMAX of Santa Clarita in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.


Let’s say we have a buyer that’s been looking for real estate for a long time, but is unable to find it.

That buyer happens to have been working with another real estate agent. We give them an education on how to try to get that agent to change their process so this buyer will end up being better blessed.

It’s then time to see if that particular buyer is interested in switching trucks. Because The track their on now has gotten them no where.

Our next stop, is introducing myself and my team to our new buyer. And then we start searching the inventory that other agents avoid. That’s going to be the real estate inventory that is in pending or backup status. Most agents just look at that type of inventory as a waste of time,

I have found that listings in those statuses are actually quite Beneficial.

A lot of people in the real estate business do not look at themselves as problem-solvers, they look at themselves as order takers.

Reach out to me when you’re ready my name is connor macivor and I am with REMAX of Santa Clarita and Re/Max Valencia were headquartered here just north of Los Angeles and we serve all of Southern California. Make sure you do check out our real estate radio show that house in #HousingRadio #SantaClarita #RealEstateAgents #OneSCV #Paris911 #SCVNest

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