The Santa Clarita Housing Recovery is not a pipe dream

    Representing the Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy and more...Interest Rates Relaxed

    Interest “Piped” down this last week to 4.2 and 4.4% respectively after Bernanke gave some “calm” to his earlier news about that “we need”.

    However, we have also started to see a build of real estate inventory that is more than we have had in a while.

    Santa Clarita Housing “Absorption Rate” increases:

    With our market down to 1 month, referred to as the absorption rate, it’s nice to see our market having increased to about three months.

    Absorption Rate  is how long it would take a localized real estate market, like ours in the Santa Clarita Valley, to get down to ZERO homes for sale, at the current rate of sale, if none were added to the inventory.

    An example of a “healthy markets” absorption rate is 6-7 months.  We have not seen that since before the fall of the real estate market late 2006 and early 2007.

    Santa Clarita Foreclosures and Distressed Intel

    Distressed Sales and Foreclosures are dwindling.  In fact, our team closed in excess of 50 short sales last year, we may close 15 this year.

    This is because homeowners are starting to build equity and because those that may have been short sales, are not any longer.

    This is how our local Santa Clarita housing market is recovering and we are happy to see it!

    You can always see the latest in Foreclosure Updates for all the Santa Clarita Valley by heading over to our Santa Clarita Foreclosures Website.

    The Real Estate search you need

    We get a lot of feedback, because we ask, from our clients about our search engines.

    They are elated after they find us and start to use our real estate search systems exclusively.

    However, that is not something that is done form the start.  Most of our clients still go back to the Real Estate Syndication websites, at least for a while.

    That is until they continue to get the following news from me or my team when they inquire about real estate listings not found on my sites, but found on Trula and Zillow – sometimes

    • The property was sold two months ago
    • This one is not accepting any back up offers, it’s pending
    • This one is not on the MLS – it was built on a “build a flyer” website and it not actually for sale
    • This one is like those you’d find in a real estate publication – there is no one policing it – so anyone can post anything up as if it’s for sale to use it for leads.
    • It seems this one is old – they closed escrow 2 days ago.

    And the Race Goes On to get you to give up your personal and private information.  Be weary of the search.

    If you want to search in the cleanest way possible, directly from the local Boards of Realtors.  Click here to see our top Santa Clarita Real estate and Greater Los Angeles Search website.

    Reviews of Santa Clarita Real Estate agents

    We had a new review on Yelp recently.

    I was floored, as was Paris!!!  Thanks Debra and Tim!!!

    Have a read, we posted it up on our Santa Clarita real estate agent reviews website!!!

    Be safe – search well and reach out to us when you are ready for us to Move You!!!

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