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    The Santa Clarita housing market brought to you by the Paris911 team at Remax of Santa Clarita California

    24 hours of history for the Santa Clarita real estate markets

    The Daily Grind

    We’ve been continuing the process of keeping our real estate clients updated. And we have come to the conclusion that the local Santa Clarita Valley Markets are flat, for the most part, when you look at list price versus sales price.

    Real estate inventory for the Santa Clarita Valley cities is tight to say the least. With the drop off occurring after the investor pull back, sometime mid fall of 2013, we have observed the real estate market has become a bit more lacking with regard to real estate inventory.

    Listing prices versus Sales prices

    When referencing listing prices and sales prices, listing prices are hopeful numbers and sales prices are the numbers the properties are actually selling for, as recorded in the county recorders office.

    All of the numbers that we discuss on The Santa Clarita real estate radio broadcast, can be obtained by using our Mac box at Paris911.com.

    Price intel for SCV Cities

    For referencing prices, all you have to do is punch the word prices into the Mac box at Paris911.com.

    After you punch in the word prices, and hit search, you will see the individual pricing categories for each one of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    On each one of those pages, you will see interactive pricing graphs that will give you detailed information, with pinpoint accuracy, for prices in the SCV cities.

    Trust earned not expected

    The last thing that my team will ever do is to ask you to trust us first. It’s always best when we earn the trust that is given to us. We do this by the publicizing of real estate data, directly from the source, obtained from the individual boards of realtors in Southern California.

    I have always hated the websites that manipulate the real estate data, in order to influence a buyers or sellers real estate decision.

    Thanks for listening to the top rated Paris911 realty show

    Thank you for listening to our Tuesday broadcast from the Paris911.com team at REMAX of Santa Clarita California. We will be coming at you tomorrow via our radio show, that is available online at our main website for Santa Clarita real estate.

    By typing in the word daily into the Mac box of the top part of the screen of Paris911.com, you will get access to the newest Daily Broadcast for Santa Clarita real estate cities.

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