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    • The Santa Clarita daily show – Moving company hacks – be careful

    The Santa Clarita daily show – Moving company hacks – be careful

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    We are the Paris911 Team in the Santa Clarita Valley – California. Paris911.com/Company

    18 new listings have entered the market – Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus CA, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia. Paris911.com/new

    Foreclosures all the buzz – however, they have slowed down – but have not stopped. We have placed one of our real estate resources at Paris911.com/Foreclosures

    Santa Clarita real estate news

    How is your realtor hunting real estate for you? Are they only using one type of resource – maybe only the MLS? Or are do they have their minds open to look elsewhere in a constrictive real estate market Paris911.com/OnePartyShow

    Cash investors – they are out there and scooping up properties. They don't care about appraisers or their appraisals. They are buying properties if it makes sense after they do the math. Paris911.com/investors

    Resources – how much are homes selling for in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities – head over to Paris911.com/Prices and you can have a look at inventory by going to Paris911.com/Inventory

    Relocation – you may want to be weary as to who you are teaming up with when it comes to moving you. Looking at the moving companies – make sure they are local with brick and mortar offices. That is because, if you are working with a crew that was given a lead (you), only to go out and rent a large truck, hiring the rest of their staff at Home Depot, there is no where you can go if they break or damage your stuff.

    With Brick and Mortar – you can go inside the location and complain. The fact of the matter is, there is a place to go. When you do a Moving Company search on-line, look at the results, make some calls, I'm not crazy. Most of those companies showing up are “referral companies”. Which are no better than the Real Estate syndication websites Paris911.com/Syndication , wanting to sell your personal and private information. Relocation.Paris911.com

    Be careful – search well and let us know when you are ready for our help with your real estate needs. Paris911.com/mail


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