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    • The real estate updates for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities Episode 199-2013

    The real estate updates for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities Episode 199-2013

    It’s hard to believe that we are already 199 days into 2013.  But, to some of the world, the time cannot move fast enough.

    We have a lot of Santa Clarita real estate resources - scroll downIf you want to know my opinion, I don’t mind it slowed down a bit so I can enjoy the now 🙂

    I’m putting down the book and stepping away….

    Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley is alive and well.  Most of the real estate listings have multiple offers and the time’s to see are in the arena of 30-60 days.

    We had a call from a nice gentleman that has a bed and breakfast in Yosemite.  In fact, we are going to head up there soon, I HOPE!!!!

    Gotta to talk with the Boss – Paris MacIvor.

    His kids want to sell a home in Saugus, and he is going to assist them with buying another one.  His assistance is awesome, but he did want to know when he may expect his return from us selling their present home.

    I explained that it would be quite quick – typically the property will have multiple offers within a few days.  We will work with each of the offer’s received and achieve a “highest and best” finding.

    We will then bring those back to the kids, and they will approve a finalist.  We will inform the other buyers that we will keep their offers in back up, just in case.

    Escrow will open and, depending on the buyer’s financing, we will close 30-60 days later, and he will recoup his “housing assistance”.

    Simple, so we shall see.  That is how our current Santa Clarita real estate market is moving, be safe – search well and don’t forget to check out some of our resources – you can find them on Google -, but I will mention a few.  (click on the links below to access)

    If you are looking for the BEST Santa Clarita Lender.

    If you want to see a new Responsive website that is cutting edge in technology.

    If you want to view the New real estate inventory in Santa Clarita Valley.

    Looking to see what the current Santa Clarita real estate prices are.

    That’s a few – be safe – search well and let us know when you are ready to move so we can have you meet with us in our Santa Clarita real estate offices.

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