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    • The Rapid Santa Clarita CA home price increases are starting to slow down

    The Rapid Santa Clarita CA home price increases are starting to slow down


     Talent – We have that 🙂

    When it comes to real estate we don’t slow down.  We are always looking for new talent that is a good fit for our Paris911 Team clientele.

    We need to hire Realtors that are selfless in nature.  They should always be about the client 100% and want to strive to always be better, or the BEST they can be.

    We have been blessed to have had some of the BEST Buyers Representatives and Buyer Agents in the Santa Clarita Valley join the Paris911 Team of Realtor Professionals.

    More news than you can shake a stick at…

    BTW, what does that even mean?  Were there people of days past that shook sticks at things???

    Talking about the local real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities is somewhat of a blessing for us.

    With all of the real estate related news we digest on a daily basis, we have to vent some of it out often.

    Our bi-Monthly newsletter that we send to those of you that enter your email address into the Subscribe Box at the Top Real estate site for SCV Cities, is similar to the one embedded on this SCV blog page.

    In fact, we also do some writing on the page housing our Santa Clarita real estate Video that we build to send out to all of our Real Estate clients, past, present and future…

    SCV Market Breakdown

    I am confident we are still going to increase with regard to housing prices, overall, in the coming months.  However, that ascent to the top is going to be slow and steady.

    Not like it was during the past several months. (see below graph and the extreme price increase)


    If you look at the graph that we have located on our Santa Clarita home sellers blog, you will see that Stevenson Ranch, since the beginning of the year, 2013, has been on the rise.

    The above graph, click on it(the graph) to see the interactive one, is displaying the median sales prices as they are recorded, for the City of Stevenson Ranch CA – Single Family Residences.

    That is a price increase of 240k, $240,000 in the period of 7 months in Stevenson Ranch with regard to median sales prices of Single Family homes.

    That is very quick, too quick to keep up that pace for much longer.

    Be safe – let us know when you are ready to MOVE and contact my team and I to be able to work with what I consider to be the BEST Santa Clarita real estate buyers agents in the business of real estate representation.



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