The problem with real estate agents is they don’t admit…

    Happy Santa Clarita home buyersI left that dangling for a reason, I did not want my title to be overly long – but the Problem with a lot of the real estate agents is they don’t admit when they don’t know.

    They get questions, as we get questions about real estate each and every day. However, sometimes I get a question that I don’t know the answer to. You may be wondering what I say?

    “I have no idea as to the answer to your question, but I promise you that by the end of this business day, I will get you the answer!”

    And then I make good on my promise. – (that’s probably the second problem with real estate agents 🙂 )

    The bottom line when hiring a Santa Clarita real estate agent or one that is elsewhere in this world is to make sure they have some type of “enforcement” mechanism above them.

    For example, any real estate agent that is also a Realtor is a good choice.

    There is a standards of practice and codes of ethics that all Realtors must adhere to.

    If they don’t then the Board of Realtors can come down on them and make sure they conform or are removed from being Licensed Realtors.

    A good place to start is someone that is a Realtor. Be safe, we appreciate you viewing our real estate postings and be sure to tune into our Daily Santa Clarita and Beyond real estate radio show that is posted each day on our main Santa Clarita and Valencia CA website of


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