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    The Nuances of Making an offer on a home for sale

    Writing offers on Real estateThere are several key components that make up a good offer on a home that you are wanting to purchase.  One of them is what you may not expect and what is not mentioned on the video below.  That is Reputation.  The Reputation of your chosen real estate professional.

    If they have a reputation of being underhanded – even amongst “thieves” – It will be a problem getting your offer accepted.

    Most agents have no reputation or a great reputation.  But you maybe surprised to find the “right agent” can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to seeing inventory that is not on the market for sale.  Getting the pocket listings presented before they enter the active real estate for sale system. Or having the others in the real estate industry give your real estate agent the insight to future listings that may fit your needs.

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