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    The mighty Paper Real Estate agent

    This beauty comes to us from a fellow realtor.  Before understanding what is going on, they are quick to flex their “out of shape” muscles.

    The email came to me several minutes ago and I needed to share it.  Some of the time, not everything is peaches and cream within Real Estate circles.

    You may have guessed that, especially if you had bought or sold a home at some time.

    Ugly Strikes when a Buyer or a Seller is “held up” without their concent.  When a real estate transaction is being put on hold because of paperwork not being received.

    I’m talking about paperwork that is necessary to get the agent’s paid, but not necessary to close a transaction.

    The example I am talking about is the Brokerage Disclosure. It says that the agent works for a specific brokerage, it says they may have an escrow department, or a in house lender. While that may be important in an attorney’s eyes – most of  that information is in the documents already, but some offices mandate this form get added to the growing stack.  However, it is not like “loan documents”, “title reports”, “CC and R’s”, etc.

    When you ask for it with those threats right away, just make sure you have not received it.  Also, make sure that you have room to “Flex” your real estate muscles.

    We would never allow anything to close that would cause harm to our Buyers or Sellers, nor would most other real estate professionals.  However, this is a better way to skin a cat.  How about calling the agent’s office manager, broker, or finding them on facebook and asking them on their wall?

    It works, and more often than not, it was an error – not on purpose – but by mistake.  This market is hard enough without all of the Paper Realtors huffing and puffing.

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