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    The market slowed down this week after Christmas – but stand by for January 2nd

    Every year, it never fails.  During the Christmas time, we slow down – it typically starts just before Thanksgiving.  The real estate market does not shut down, for there are always buyers wanting to buy and sellers wanting to sell.  The market just relaxes a bit, or that’s what .

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    In fact, it seems to play out the opposite with our real estate team.  It seems that we are teamed up with a select few Realtor’s that push just as hard during the holidays as they do throughout the rest of the year.  It seems that they are of the same mindset and don’t take time off.  This year was no different.  While there was less in the way of real estate inventory, and there was less in the way’s of properties that were entering escrow – We had deals that needed to be closed and the other “real estate components” seemed to be relaxing.

    We had lenders that were letting their staff go on the “vacation”.  We had the Asset Managers from the banks that hire us to sell their foreclosure assets go on vacation.  We even had some of the “short sale negotiators” that we are dealing with regard to our sellers short sales, leave their files in some other person’s hands and leave for the warmer climate.

    When we have our clients counting on us, this makes the already complicated real estate process much more difficult.  What has to happen now is the “whip” has to be cracked twice as hard.

    Paris, myself and our real estate team switch into high gear, while some are relaxing, we are working overtime making sure the deals close that were supposed to.

    Watch out for January 2nd 2013 – this is the day when most sellers have prepared for as being the “listing activation date”.  They did not want to be interrupted during the time period before Christmas and the week following.  If you want to check out all of the new listings that hit the market in January – make sure you check out our New Home Listings resource for Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    Enjoy today’s podcast and if you want to get future shows and our daily real estate updates that are filled full of “Connor with Honor” 🙂 – they type in your email address in the upper right hand margin of this blog to subscribe via feedburner.  My BEST – Talk soon and thanks for reading, listening and viewing our Real Estate intel.

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