The local markets in Santa Clarita Valley are tighter than a tiger

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    Daily Data – MacBoX capable

    Tighter than a tiger? That is how inventory is in the Santa Clarita Valley cities today.

    Jeff Turner – on Twitter @jeffturner reached out to me this AM after we finished our daily data report on and asked what the current inventory numbers mean? Are they high, low or just right? I responded to him and I hope is doing GREAT – He was my mentor with regard to this internet thing 🙂

    We just posted up our “Daily Data”, which is the MacBoX capable keywords, on our Santa Clarita Realtor blog.

    You can go to our Top Real Estate website for homes in the Santa Clarita valley cities and type into the MacBoX the words: Daily Data -. Once you do you will see the entries that correspond to that Realtor Blog category. I have made the titles to include the number of Active Listings on Purpose.

    Santa Clarita real estate agents

    Low Inventory in the SCV cities

    Showing that the local inventory is at a very low point at just over 500 units that are active for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cites.

    Meaning that, with 220ish units selling per month, we have just over 2 months of inventory left, if no other listings were added to the for sale market in the SCV cities.

    Future of Santa Clarita real estate

    Don’t panic, don’t worry, just hang in there. I do not forsee us continuing on this path, in fact – January 2014 should be a bit month for sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities getting off of the fence and placing their homes onto the market with their Trusted and Local Real Estate professional.

    Whoops – almost forgot, Happy Friday the 13th…

    With regard to the housing market, the listing prices have been on the rise during the past few months, the problem with that, while sellers are hopeful, the buyers are not paying those prices yet.

    Listing Prices – they are a dream. Could the sellers actually sell the home they have on the market at the price they set? – Absolutely yes! This happens every single day in real estate.

    However, the Appraiser is a key component to the real estate transaction, if the seller is obtaining financing to buy the home.

    Without the Appraiser’s blessing on the value of the home, the loan will not be approved, let alone fund.

    How to get our Daily Shows:

    When it comes to real estate, we have a couple of options for you to find out daily recon about real estate.

    First – you can go to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website and type in the word: Daily -, into the MacBoX at the top of the screen to get our SCV home updates, just like this one.

    You will see a list that will show you the most recent postings. Click on the first one for the most recent Daily real estate show by the Paris911 Team.

    Second – you can check out our Daily Data page for the real estate in Santa Clarita Valley and our daily events. That is obtained by typing in the words, “Daily Data” into the MacBoX without the quotes.

    That is it – Enjoy our resources and please let our Paris911 Team know when you are ready to move. We will be there as we have been for so many others that have needed our help.


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