The day after the day after Christmas

    The day after the day after Christmas is the 27th. That is today. We have already gone into our rant about the Santa Clarita community with our real estate updates posted early this AM. We also had posted our Real Estate market updates for SCV. All of the current real estate that has sold and that is in the process of selling is posted on this page.

    It never stops astounding me what some will do to obtain business. The way to fix the real estate mechanism is to have those running the game lose the ego. That ego is what drives faster closings and higher pressure. However, in the long run, those agents that exhibit these traits are going to lose. You will see them with horrible reviews on-line. You will know them because a mere mention of their name will get you (horror) stories by those you are talking with.

    Here are the show notes from this Santa Clarita podcast for Real Estate:

    – The day after the day after Christmas
    – 27th day of December
    – video is very important – not only youtube but other platforms as well
    – Listings are posted on all the video platforms for our real estate sellers
    – Youtube virtual tours are typically still photos that move to and fro
    – Our youtube video’s are actual video’s, not stills that are zoomed out and in on
    – Real Estate news sources –
    – Reader – you will be taken to our Reader Pages. You can view this by typing
    – in the word Reader into our MacBoX
    – Market updates are going to be more pronounced during the start of 2013
    – The seasonal slow down of real estate has began
    – Home prices have started to dip in the SCV – Castaic was the city we displayed
    – Market Updates at Paris911 dot com by typing those terms into the macBoX
    – Explicit talk about Castaic CA real estate
    – Castaic home prices have dipped with a longer days on market as well
    – Longer DOM indicates there are more distressed homes entering the market
    – Home prices up and home prices down – sales in a slump?
    – so much bad intel on the net – just get the real prices when it comes to finding out the true story
    – IN Santa Clarita you can go to Paris911 dot com and type in the words How is the market
    – that will give you all of the reports for each of the Santa Clarita valley cities
    – Thanks for listening – talk with you tomorrow

    Thanks for listening – I am Connor MacIvor – Please hook up with us on Google Plus – My BEST.


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