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    The BEST Santa Clarita Property Management Companies

    It is easy to say who the best property management company in the Santa Clarita Valley is when you don’t handle property management yourself.  We have heard rumors about prospective tenants and landlords being tied to contractual obligations as either future buyers or sellers.Property Management in Santa Clarita

    To explain further, make sure you are reading what you are signing.

    • If you are listing your home as a rental or lease with a property management company or agent – make sure you are not tied to them if you every plan to sell your home.  Some have said that these “future obligations” are written within contact.  Again, if someone is being upfront and if you think a Property Management firm is your best bet to sell your home – then you are, at least, entering the game somewhat prepared.
    • For the tenant.  You are looking to lease or rent a home, condo or town-home.  During the “application” process with the Property Management company or Property Management Real Estate agent, they have you sign something that could be likened to a “buyer broker agreement”.  Which states that if you ever want to buy a home, condo or town-home, you will use the agent that is representing you with the lease or renting of the subject property.  To reflect once again, if they are being upfront with you and you are betting that the agent handling Property Management will be your best fit to represent you when you are ready to take the step to home-ownership, you too are easing into the Real Estate process.

    Paris and I do NO Property Management.  We also don’t handle Rentals and Leases.  Unless it comes to our Short Sale Clients or if someone wants further information about where to find the Santa Clarita Valley Rentals and Leases.

    However, we know several GREAT companies in the Santa Clarita Valley that do.  For the necessary introductions – contact us or fill out the contact form below. We have sat on the sidelines, referred past Buyers and Sellers that were in need of property management services and have the “Intel” on the Local Santa Clarita Property Management Companies.

    When you are signing – read everything.  We never have anyone we are representing sign without them fully understanding the implication of what their initials or signature means.  Property managers and or  Realtors acting as Rental or Lease representatives should abide by the same rules 🙂

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    2 Responses to “The BEST Santa Clarita Property Management Companies”

    • Andrew Marble

      Written on

      Paris & Connor,

      I hope all is well. You may not remember me as we meet a couple years ago at an event. I am reaching out to you know as I have started my own property management company (doors opened the first of the year) and was hoping/wondering if you could help with some publicity for me. I know you currently have SCREM and Classic on your site so if you don’t want to list another one I understand. But since I know you have a lot of helpful information on your site and get a lot of traffic I thought it would be worth a shot. Would you be interested in listing National Property Management Group as one of your preferred companies? Please feel free to visit our website at http://www.npmgonline.com for information about our company. Thank you for your time and I look forward hearing from you.

      Andrew Marble
      V.P., COO
      National Property Management Group


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