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    That is not being the BEST, it is also called Grandstanding in Real Estate

    Have you ever had that experience with “That Guy?”  The guy that is a topper?  Someone that is constantantly topping everything you say? You could say you have just won the award for king of the world.  He will come back saying that he already won that one and now he was just presented with the king of the universe award.

    BTW – “That Guy” – the “Toppers” of the world are not gender specific.  I have met many a female who are always “talking a good game”.  Is that a topper statement that REMAX sells more homes

    On the PD, when the instructors got together, we saw this quite frequently.  The difference was that we were able to critique those that were “shooting off at the mouth” when it came to the application portion.  The true experts were separated from the Toppers in the “Live” performance drills.

    With Firearms, I can talk about the time I shot a business card in half from 15 yards – one shot.  But was that skill or luck?  I know for a fact it was a little bit of both.  The “edge” of a business card is extremely small.  The sight aperture – even with Heine Straight 8 sights – is way too large and the weapon system that I was using is not that precise.

    If there were no witnesses – this would be a moot point.  But on Social Media and on other “public blogs” – there is never an asking for proof – so the lies continue without being challenged.  “BTW – the Business card – It’s in my office on my bulletin board, come see it…

    Is this something I talk about all of the time.  Negative, in fact, I think this is the first time I have mentioned it and that was to make this point.  However, some will brag on themselves in many different ways to appease their own insecurities.  When someone was popping off during a briefing about how great they were, we all knew if it was the truth or if it was BS, after we got down to shooting.

    In real estate – the BS is not so easily identified.  Unfortunately, you may see the Facebook stream talking about the vast amounts of business a real estate an agent is doing on a daily basis.  The selfish “Self promotion” is an attempt to get the consumer to say, “Wow, he or she must be really good at real estate, I’ll call them to help me buy or sell a home…”

    I am not speaking to the middle with this post.  I am speaking to the fringes.  The middle is going to not agree with me and will potentially have some “toppers” in their midst.

    Make sure you meet with the agent you are choosing in their offices.  Don’t believe everything you read on line or see on Facebook.  It is sad that you may not know you bought into a line of “Grandstanding” until after you have a bad experience with the agent you chose 🙁

    Do you think agents self promoting themselves is a turn off?  What about the Toppers of the world – have you experience those?  What do you think makes a Quality Real Estate agent?

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