Test Before you List dot com – Something new for a Sunday Morning

    Hate being tied up? 🙂

    Some ideas work, and some don’t – but with this idea we started it for those sellers that don’t want to tie up in a contract with a local Santa Clarita real estate agents right off of the bat.

    The Most common pitch

    Typical presentation is as follows, “If I can answer all of your questions, is there any reason you won’t list your home with me at this very moment?”

    So, we want to keep our clients informed and those that are “not out clients”, informed as well.

    The roads less traveled

    When searching for real estate, just make sure you are keeping to the Roads and staying off of the Moors.

    Use the Local real Estate agent’s systems before you get too far into getting scammed and having your personal information sold to those hungry realtors that are paying for it.

    Be safe – search well and enjoy our Sunday Presentation from the Windy City of San Francisco CA.  I love this city and we will be back tomorrow.


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