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    Still Going – willpower is the key to weight loss






    I cannot help but wonder how I let myself get this way – on the left – you will see Connor at 345lbs.  On the right – I am now 295lbs and still dropping – the first thing I notice is my eyes – on the left picture – my eyes seems to almost be non-existent.  On the right – there they are and I’m knurling my forehead in this photo to boot.

    I did not give up eating.  I went back on Atkins.  Yes, I said “back on” – April 16, 2012 – I started because I had enough of being without control over the “eating” aspect of my life.

    Heck, in Real Estate I can work like a mule – 16 and sometimes 20 hour days.  Writing content, meeting with clients, showing buyers, managing our real estate team, can all take their toll.  Not to mention my priority – My Family.

    I remember going out to eat where I would ask the server to fill up the basket of bread several times, I would drink Diet Coke like it was water and as if I had just returned from the “parched Earth” in a world where water did not exist.

    I have successfully completed the induction phase of the Atkins Diet in the past.  Twice, if memory serves.  Twice for about two months.  I did the blood work and everything improved with my blood counts of cholesterol, good versus bad, triglycerides, and all other aspects.

    But, then something happened.  I lost my willpower.  I was weak at a moment and the rest is history.  The routine gorging started all over again.  What was the trigger that set me down the road to gaining weight once again?  I really think it was the people, programs, websites, and myself constantly telling me that  “willpower” is not necessary to lose weight.(“you won’t be hungry, eat until your satisfied, never be hungry when dropping weight, eat all types of food, this diet pill works every time…”)

    “Willpower – not necessary?” – Hog Wash.  Will power, as I have discovered, is a very necessary part of any life style change.  Drugs, Food, physical fitness, learning, work, and anything that people find hard to resist or to accomplish.

    The fittest of the fit – you cannot tell me that they love working out 24/7.  They cannot really enjoy eating boiled chicken breast with broccoli.  Sacrificing one hour or two a day to tone and workout their bodies, when they could be sleeping – No, they are using willpower.

    At the time of this posting – I have been at less that 10 grams of carbohydrates a day since April 16, 2012.  I had my blood work done about a month after starting Atkins again.  I found that my Cholesterol is back in the normal range (before, I was in the walking heart attack range).  Although I eat sausage, bacon and eggs almost every day – sometimes 1/2 a pound of bacon and 5 eggs – I am still in the normal ranges.  It’s amazing what limiting carbs can do for a person.

    I now get up and walk 30 minutes on the Tread Climber, level 8 at 3.1mph.  I require less sleep and am sharper when it comes to business.  My energy level is much more constant and I don’t have that “5 o’clock” lull because of a downward sugar spike.

    As I reflect, what is different this time than before?  If this worked so well for me in the past, what stopped me and why did I “return to my gluttoness ways”?

    Besides willpower – I think education plays an integral part to any weight loss plan.  On Atkins, the ultimate goal is when a follower reaches the OWL – On-going Weight Loss.  That means once you get close to your “ideal weight”(ideal for you), you are to increase carb consumption until you quit losing weight.  Whatever that number is, it’s known as your Lifetime Maintenance Level.

    Today, the difference, along with my acceptance of Willpower playing an integral(conscious) roll in weight loss, is how I will transition to my life time maintenance.  

    Instead of saying, “I’m through with this way of eating”, I’m going to stick with it, only allowing myself indulgences occasionally.  For the rest of my life – and hopefully carrying 100 pounds less weight will extend that a bit, for the sake of my kids…

    Am I going to succeed?  I cannot give you the answer to that question.  If you’d of asked me that on the two previous times I was adhering to a strict Low Carb Eating Plan, I’d have told you “Absolutely, without a doubt…”

    Today, as long as I keep pressing forward and recognize that it’s okay to be hungry, depressed, happy, elated, and self absorbed – but that is not a reason to start eating like a machine, I will remain confident in my success.

    I’ll keep you posted – have you tried a diet in the past? (talk about a loaded question) – comment below and thanks.

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