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    Stick a fork in me I’m done with negativity

    Santa Clarita Real estateFor the second week in a row, we have been speaking about Feedback and talking to others that are totally negative within our Real Estate networking groups. The intension of this “Two Weeks of freedom” course was to get rid of Negative Energy once and for all.

    However, it seems to have taken it’s toll on the positive role models in the class.  This takes me back to my beginning days at the LAPD when I was assigned to Patrol with a Partner in a Black and White Police Car.  You could have been the most positive person in the world, but stuck with a “depressed” partner, working side by side in a black and white for 8, 10 or 12+ hours.

    What I found interesting is the fact that no matter how positive I was when the shift started, my “depressed partners” had me hating life just as much as they did.

    But, isn’t that the way in life, it seems that it always easier to tear down than it is to build up – funny thing…

    I think the attendee’s of the class can agree on two things – “there is no silver bullet to Real estate” and “It is really Hard work and Passion for the Clients that make the success of a single realtor”.

    We spoke a while back about short sales and how they have a way of bringing out very powerful emotions from all involved parties.

    Be Safe and let us know how you “feel” about Depressed folk.  Some can be fixed – and some look at every day as if it is raining on them.

    Do you find it harder to keep positive around those that are depressed?


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