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    Speaking out of school when you are selling your home can cause issues

    We come across this time and time again.  During our Crash Course on real estate we routinely explain to our clients to not involve themselves in situations that are going to create pressure.

    For example, this can come as the result of a seller of real estate negotiating with the buyer directly.  When you sell a home, some buyers will want to come back to show everyone in their family, even after their offer has been accepted.  This is kosher – depending on the circumstances.  But, for the most part the “how often” part of a buyer coming back while in escrow on a sellers home is up to the seller.

    If you are selling a home let your agent do the negotiationSometimes those buyers and the sellers start talking.  Which is fine, but when relationships develop, things are promised.  It may not have been the sellers intention to include the refrigerator, washer and dryer – but it “slipped out” while they were being chummy.  It also could have been a misunderstanding by the buyer, who is exceedingly excited.

    In either circumstance, whether this was a “true or fabricated” promise, it always comes back to me the same way, via the other real estate agent.  They contact me and say something like, “your seller promised my buyer the refrigerator  the washer and the dryer, I’m going to send you an addendum, or do you want to prepare one?”

    Because this has happened to me in the past, I wonder what else was “promised”.  I pick up my phone with a panicked call to my seller, asking them the right questions.  I remind them of the conversation we had in my offices at REMAX’s Paris911 Team about the “not negotiating” thing.  They remember and actually apologize for the most part.

    I further explain, I don’t want an apology – I want you to trust me and I want you to stop negotiating about anything with the buyer(s) of your home.

    While a seller deciding to give away their refrigerator  washer and dryer may not seem like a big deal, heck – they wanted to do it.  There was another component in this sale that has not been mentioned…  The Wife 🙂 – She did not want to give up the refrigerator  the washer or the dryer, at least for FREE….

    I remember long ago when I was testifying in court as a LAPD police officer.  It was on a DUI case and afterward the City Attorney complemented me on the way I testified.  She was commenting on the fact that I waited after each question the defense attorney asked, before answering.  This was to give her a very “apparent” break so she could formulate her thoughts and potentially pose an objection.

    There maybe some questions by the defense attorney that are not kosher or that don’t have any foundation.  I want the prosecutor to have a chance to voice her opinion to the judge so they can rule on it.

    The same goes with a Real Estate Seller.  Give your agent a chance to Object to what your buyers are asking for.  That is why we are here.  That is why you are paying us for our Experience, knowledge and specific skill set with regard to Real estate negotiation.

    Be Safe – Glad to Serve – Let us know when you are ready for the Paris911’s Teams help with your real estate endeavors.

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