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    Speaker 1: 00:00 It’s amazing what a couple hours away from a creative outlet can show us about a different type of real estate market. Good everybody, I am kind of MacGyver housing radio dot com the tin’s you hear in my voice is as a result of being a little sick as of late but we are working on it. I do have a great team in place so that I can attend to. They take care of so it really really works out great. So all of our clients are taken care of 100 percent of the time. The market I’m talking about is Lake Arrowhead went out there and took a listing for very good friends that have used us exclusively to buy and sell real estate over the years and most recently there was a piece of property that needed to be liquidated and sold into Lake Arrowhead.

    real estate radioSpeaker 1: 00:49 Looking at the days on market timeframes some of these properties right around the lake 200 250 days on a market that’s very typical. It just takes longer to sell things because a lot of the people that are purchasing in that market are looking to buy properties that they’re only going to be living in a certain portion of the year. So to be in those properties all together well that’s what happens to have an apartment underneath a buyer to check if it’s permitted or not because the living owner does not know. And of course, the can’t ask any longer what he did with that. But you do have that kind of situation. And for that property yes. So that pretty much could take care of itself depending on how much you can get for that bottom apartment with a kitchen and these things that these that makes that property unique right. So if you have something that makes your property unique you’re probably going to be able to call the shots as it relates to price at least to a certain point.

    Speaker 2: 01:53 Now don’t forget whenever you’re buying real estate or sell it yet there’s got to be an appraiser involved if in fact the people after finance and even if they don’t have to finance somebody is buying cash they have a right to ask to have an appraisal report look at the property and that appraisal then becomes one of their contingencies known as an appraisal contingency. These

    Speaker 3: 02:21 are all good things to know what we did when we started representing buyers and sellers of real estate. We always wanted to give factual information not you know razzle-dazzle people with charts and graphs but to show the actual meat and potatoes of what’s going on in the market and you do that by comparable properties you do to buy properties that are actually on the market ones thinking to identify with and then sold them. So you’re looking at a particular timeframe out here and it switches this market to market.

    Speaker 4: 02:53 But out here for example in centigrade greater Valley Simi Valley Greater Los Angeles you’re going to look at a half mile to a mile away from the subject property to get all of the best comparables. The other thing you might do and we do this all the time maybe move it over and just like at the track the specific tract that works great as well. There are not enough comps then you’re going to want to use the radial search but you’re going to Lake Arrowhead it’s quarter-mile quarter miles. Probably all you’re going to need and it’s got to pull in a lot of data a lot more or less turns out. This morning I woke up looked at the data for Santa Karena 377 listings currently on the market for sale. You can see that in SCV nest that Cobb SCV any Estey dot com.

    Speaker 4: 03:41 So please check that out you’ll see it on the homepage. You’ll be able to search all those listings including the one we put up in Lake Arrowhead over forty-seven hundred square feet just an awesome Hall. Very close to the lake has Lake writes beautiful and I guess one of the big deals out there is the driveway because they do ice over this one’s flat street garage. The driveway is flat. Even the ones on small inclines people have reported that their cars slide out onto the street because of the ice and that creates an issue.

    Speaker 5: 04:16 Of course common procedure when you’re ready. And this is what we do with every single client.

    Speaker 6: 04:24 We’d have a meeting. We have to sit down and we have to discuss the best way to approach whatever it is you want to do want to buy a house to sit down and talk about what lender fees are. We’re not lenders we’re realtors. We know a lot about the lending arm and explain how you get your best deal interest rate versus fees. Then after we get there with that we’ll talk about being called properties foreclosures short sales other distressed inventory new housing we get to since you there as well. The new housing people will pay us to represent a client and that’s potentially what kind of discounts or credits we can give you because you are using us to purchase new housing. We can attempt to force the arm of the new home builder to give you extra credits.

    Speaker 2: 05:18 Last couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful couple. We’re in escrow with now and a new house and were able to get them a. Twenty thousand dollar discounts on the home that they’re purchasing. And the best the builder thought they could do. When I was just shooting back and forth I was 15. So by pushing a little harder, we got him extra money towards their new home bills which is exciting. In fact, it’s almost done pretty much just has to have a few more items added to kitchen cabinets and countertops. But it’s pretty much finished. That is something that’s really really beneficial when you have your own agent here inside. We can fight for things like that.

    Speaker 7: 06:04 In closing I want you to check out our playlist that we put together on YouTube. YouTube dot com forward slash SCV moves. You’ll be able to see the plays and slowly point with regard to keeping yourself and your home safe from the bad elements out there. And with regard to your residential real estate we get into locks and cameras best practices when it comes to you yourself what you can watch out for and how you can see by just taking a few extra moments throughout the day whenever you’re getting in your car about to get out of your car how you can start to identify things that are not typical or maybe you haven’t noticed before.

    Speaker 5: 06:51 And that could be an indication that there’s something going on. And when that bad element sees you becoming more inquisitive more curious maybe acting and walking differently more confidently.

    Speaker 8: 07:06 A lot of times they don’t want to even type that they would rather go to somebody that is not as confident somebody that appears timid and weak and scared as somebody that has their head buried and their mobile devices they’re walking from their car to their home or vice versa. Watch out. Please listen to this podcast. Really good. I put them all together so it’ll be a YouTube playlist helper based on a fantastic day. I’m going to go take some day quell because I feel it coming on again and the fever that I will do very soon for they are safe. I

    Speaker 1: 07:39 have Connor MacIvor and remember referrers your friends and family will take care of them. Take

    Speaker 2: 07:45 care. Bye-bye.

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