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    Simply a kind act for no visible payoff

    What ever happened to doing something to help someone else without expectation of a “pay off”?

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    Can those of us in Service Industries accomplish this task?  If this is true, that we can, why don’t more of us help out their “fellow man” without expecting a “pay day”?

    Moving past theory and speaking from direct experience, I have recognized the “invisible” pay off.  I know, as a past full time police officer, I was getting compensated for simply “doing my job”.  However, have you ever met someone in a service industry that did “more” than their job expected?

    You know, that extra little bit of “flame”?  Just a little more finishing work?  If we were more concerned about the “karma factor” and not about the “self factor”, the world would be a better place, yes?

    I think it would be.  Shooting from the hip.  Thickening up the skin from it’s current “fragile” state – I am confident we would all be better off.

    Paris always calls me a “dreamer”.  I am sure that I am – but some dreams come true, don’t they?

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