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    Show number 188-2013 – Santa Clarita real estate radio show

    The open house scene is kind of like the dating scene, you never know what you are going to get when you are going in…

    solutionsSome of the open houses that are being held open are not really for sale any longer.

    It may be that they are in escrow, and the listing agent wants to work them for more leads in the form of potential buyers and sellers.

    If you think about it, open houses are easy and cheap ways for realtors to market themselves.

    However, the Top Producing real estate agents don’t do this.  The reason they don’t, is it builds bad relationships and diminishes their brand – be it their brand is their name or something else.  Example – our name is MacIvor, but our brand is Paris911…

    My suggestion, as it has been with our clients, make sure you are able to do your recon before heading out.  Furthermore, make sure you real estate agent of choice knows you are going to be going out and viewing open houses.

    They may have other advice for you, that will keep you safe.

    What we have done for our clients is built an App that we have placed for FREE in your app store, in the Google Play market place and in the Android app store. – So all mobile devices are covered – just do your search for California Homes.

    You will see our logo – the REMAX/Paris911, download.

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