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    Should there be pain associated with buying or selling real estate?

    Today’s question comes from the Mind of one of the Paris911 team leaders.  What is pain anyway?  When we are speaking with new clients and they share with Paris and I some of their Horror Stories from past real estate dealings, I cannot help to think, “How could someone do that to another human being…”?

    I know, even after 17 years as a LAPD Regular, the countless arrests, the time spent in court looking like the “bad guy” in front of the jury at the hand of the defense attorney, I still stumble over some of the atrocities that humans do against one another.

    Real Estate is no different.  The way to keep safe as a buyer or seller is to increase your “google skills”.  Googling some of your most pronounced questions when it comes to anything you don’t understand fully, will keep you on the right track.  In fact, after you weed through some of the “non-sense” you will find on Google, the meat is all good and cooked to perfection.

    Use local sources that are established and have survived the test of time.  Make sure those agents who you employ to do your bidding are seasoned, established and work with a reputable company.  Check Yelp and other Internet “feedback” websites for this data.  Type in the agent’s name and you should see them somewhere within the page 1 results.  If not, or if the feedback is all negative – think again.

    Negative entries on Yelp or other Feedback sites on the net.  When I am searching and find a whole slew of negative feedback on one of the systems on the net, I cannot help but think maybe the service provider fell victim to a few really angry or jealous folks. (then there is that, “they probably are horrible”, thing…)

    When I see a whole bunch of level 5 – top reviews for the best real estate agents in the world, I think maybe there was someone “betting” on their own brand.

    Some other indicators of “staging” the internet results in a person’s favor?  What about “Voted Best” once or multiple times.  You want to know who did the voting and where the polling location was.

    Bottom line, you got to adulthood.  You are more savvy and have a more well tuned B.S. meter than you probably give yourself credit for.

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