Short Sale Calculators??? Are you Serious?

    “Get your short sale calculators here…”

    Apparently, they are – Short Sale Calculator.(we made one too – Scroll Down!) – they have started to pop up all over the place with estimates provided by Zillow.

    “Zillow Hey????”…..  Do they have good estimates of real estate value?  What has been your experience with your home when getting values with Zillow?

    Who doesn’t think that Zillow’s home prices are spot on? 🙂

    There are three things that these websites will ask you at the beginning:

    • Address- needed to get a home’s value.
    • City/State- as stated
    • Zip Code- as stated

    On the second page after you hit the button that says “Find my House”, you will then need to fill out:

    • Remaining Balance – Not a great indicator – there could be money that is asked for within the short sale process.
    • Annual Interest Rate – Again, it will take someone recovering from short selling 3 years of time to elapse before they can buy again.
    • Monthly Payment – Maybe to be used so they can show you how much you can save without making your payment?

    Then to get the report you will have to provide:

    • First Name / Last Name
    • Email address – this is apparently how they will send you your personalized report.
    • and Phone number optional – at least it is optional 🙂

    How about we start with coffee, before jumping into the sack…

    What do you think?  The system apparently has a bit to do with lead generation – someone that is in distress, goes to the site, watches a very heartwarming video and gives up their home information and personal contact information in order to see if they are a good fit for a short sale.

    What type of report is generated?  Does it have to do with whether or not you should short sale your home, with the information that was provided on the “Squeeze Page”?

    Where are the comparables coming from?

    I hope it gives accurate comparables and other options that do not include short selling.  I hope they also include a list to other “Associated Experts” that we want our prospective Santa Clarita short sale clients to call in order to get all of the information that will be needed to make the difficult Short Sale decision.

    But does it?  There are many different ways market for Santa Clarita short sale agents.  You can answer questions and give value first or you can do it differently.  I hate it when “differently” has to do with tricking someone into giving up personal information when they are hopeful about receiving a report that will answer all of their Short Sale Questions.

    The answer is 42

    Remember the “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” series.  They created a computer called “Deep Thought” to give the answer to life’s ultimate question.  Deep Thought in deed give the answer after thousands of years, it was, Drum Roll Please……………………  42

    42 was the answer.  Another computer needed to be built to figure out what the “ultimate question” was…

    Can I do it another way?

    On line reports are nice.  It is nice to give information without expecting anything in return.  Spam, I hate it with a passion.  To find how much your home is worth on-line isn’t that hard.  You can go to zillow yourself – you can contact a local real estate professional in the Santa Clarita Valley.  You can see what has sold recently in your Santa Clarita neighborhood.

    Next Step, what do you owe on your Santa Clarita home?  Do you have any “adjustable” issues to have to worry that might be changing within your loan in the future?  If so, are they going to create too large a burden for you to continue to make your mortgage payments?  Have you been given furlow days?  What about being fired, getting sick, having to take care of others, and having overtime hours cut and given “days off” instead (comp time)? Life Happens…

    It’s like eating “pre-prepared” food that is being kept warm under a lamp

    Short Sales are a very emotional process.  Find out who is adding value instead of looking for a quick lead.  We get the lists of the Notice of Default filings every day for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  I have never mailed anything, hung a door dropper, or knocked on any of those residences.

    People should have the right to their privacy.  I don’t like interruptions myself and I am sure most people that have missed enough payments to have the bank file a Notice of Default on them, have other things they are focusing on without me showing up with an ear to ear smile and pitching my Short Sale Services.

    Do you like to be told or asked?

    What do you think?  Do you like it when you get postcards in the mail from real estate agents?  What about those that hang stuff on your front door?  If you were to happen to be in a Notice of Default scenario, would you mind if a realtor knocked on your door to talk with you about a short sale?  Or, do you want to reach out for short sale help at your own pace?

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      • paris911

        Written on

        This one even confounded me… A Seller that is contemplating a short sale does not have any problem knowing if they have experienced a life changing event that may have created a hardship with them being able to stay current on their mortgage. Furthermore, they also know if they are “upside down” or not. The true value of a short sale representative in the Santa Clarita Valley or Anywhere else for that matter, is the level of communication and control they exhibit over the short sale process and the specific property they are handling. Not clever tools to generate “leads”. BE Safe…


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