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    Selling Your Santa Clarita Valley Home, Keeping Clutter At Bay

    The Paris911 Team knows how to sell real estateThe buyers of today are looking for real estate that involves less “stuff” in the home.

    The Santa Clarita Buyers want to see open spaces and “intended use” spaces in the homes that they are viewing.

    Sometimes, sellers have bedrooms being used as offices.  To maximize the return on a sellers home, those rooms should be returned to what they were originally intended to be.  So hence, “intended use”.

    Selling your Santa Clarita Valley home, for top dollar, involves keeping clutter at bay.

    We all know that eliminating clutter, cleaning, organizing and de-personalizing are important steps in preparing Santa Clarita homes for sale but we need to remember that keeping a home clutter-free after all of this hard work is equally important.

    Having a Paris911 real estate game plan in place can make this entire process easier and showings less stressful as a result.

    How is your clutter situation?

    The first thing to consider is what kind of clutter tends to accumulate in your SCV home. If it is of the paper variety like homework, mail, newspapers and magazines then make sure everyone in the family has his/her own box. These can contain everyone’s important papers and keep them from wondering where things were placed. Lids can be put on and the boxes can be stacked somewhere out of sight for showings, making life easier and more organized.

    Everything in it’s place during showings

    If your Santa Clarita area home’s clutter involves clothing, shoes and jackets accumulating then everyone needs to become more accountable for where they disrobe. Get in the habit of hanging up coats, putting away shoes, putting dirty clothes in the hamper and clean clothes in drawers and closets. Make this a challenge for your family and hopefully everyone will stick with it once you sell and move to a new home.

    Home Presentation plan of action

    Make a game plan for keeping your home in show-ready condition. Have a family meeting and convey the importance of everyone working together for a common goal. Have a chart of what needs to be done and make sure you stick with it. Staying on top of keeping your home clean and clutter-free will pay off the moment you receive an offer on your Santa Clarita Valley home.

    And we are whom?

    For more information contact our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita. We’d love to let you in on the “insider secrets” of what it will take to sell your home for the most possible money in the shortest amount of time.

    For further reading, enjoy our Realtor Blog for Santa Clarita Home Sellers.

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