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    Searching for Santa Clarita Real Estate, Liking More Than One Home

    Multiple offers on Santa Clarita real estate

    A question we get very often from our Real Estate clients is, “Can we write offers on more than one home that you find us?”  We let our clients know that “it depends”.  Depends on the seller and the intention of the buyer.  In fact, this is occurring so frequently, we ask any agent representing any buyer on one of our Sellers real estate listing the following question, “Have you written offers on other properties as well as my sellers listing?”

    When they respond in the “affirmative” we inform our sellers so they can have the full advantage of knowing, “The Rest of the Story”. If you were a seller, you’d want to know this as well.  Maybe one of those “other” offers is the one you should choose.  Maybe the Buyer’s in these cases are not going to stick it out.  You maybe a short sale seller and only get one chance at “Bank Approval”.  If that is the case, you need a buyer that will accept the terms if you do!

    Here are some First Time Buyer tips that may help you make a decision when it comes to liking multiple properties.  Have a read and don’t forget to sign up to be a part of our Real Estate Conversation at Paris911.  To Sign up to be on our List – The Good One – go to Paris911.com and type into the “Subscribe” field at the top left of our Home Page.  Enter your email address and you will be on your way to a Higher Level of Enlightenment with regard to real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Those of us searching for real estate may find ourselves liking more than one home. While this is most certainly not the worst issue to have it does complicate matters. When you buy a home you want to make certain that you are buying the home that best suits your needs, as well as one which you feel comfortable in and that you truly like. So, when you find two homes that fit the bill what do you do?

    Evaluating both homes is a good first step. You may even want to conduct inspections on both homes, any issues that arise with one property could make your decision that much easier. Take a look at location, condition, layout, and amenities. Does one home have more of what you are looking for than the other?

    Depending on current local conditions you may want to consider your offer. If you are in a buyers market you probably have more leeway, where you could go for price, and which seller will accept your offer. If you are in a sellers market you may want to make a strong offer on the home of your choosing, it would be extremely disappointing to lose out on the home you are working on and find out the other home went under contract at the same time. Talk with you REALTOR can let him help you solve your dilemma. Buying a home is a big step and making the right decision is of the essence.

    Both Paris and I did not settle on REMAX of Santa Clarita – We actively wanted to work with a forward thinking real estate company that had the power to protect and serve us and our real estate clients.

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