Scheduling showings of homes and real estate for sale

    Real Estate buyer expertsWhen you are ready to start viewing real estate listings for sale, here are some things we will experience together.

    I call on every real estate listing I’m going to show my clients.

    I don’t trust that the agent has updated the MLS with the correct information. I also need to know other information pertaining to the listing I’m about to show my clients!

    I also don’t just call. I text and email the listing agent to get a response for my real estate buyers before I show them a specific home!

    Heck, in some cases it would seem like we need to employ the use of carrier pigeons – but that is another story šŸ™‚ (if a realtor is doing well representing their seller – they should be there to answer the phone calls being generated from other real estate agents)

    Showing Scenarios we will encounter!

    After I call the other agent, although the home is showing as being for sale without offers, they will advise me they have offers.

    Even after my Knock and Notice – “Broker – we are here to show the home!”, I have people that have not been informed the home is going to be shown.

    Hot Showers and short towels – (There have been times that the seller has jumped into the shower, showing homes and real estatethinking they had enough time to wash up before our arrival – but misjudged the time šŸ™‚ – I think your imagination can fill in the blanks regardingĀ this one)

    It maybe that the agent advises me, the “seller just signed off” on an offer. (translation – the agent did not update the multiple listing service system, and you observed the listing as being “active and for sale”, when it was not)

    I have also run into the “cannot show – birthday party” issue. (sick people, birthday parties, aunt Flow in town for a visit, it happens)

    The listing agent maybe coordinating showings through another company and they may not be as “diligent” as if the agent were doing it themselves! (maybe this is not a lazy way – maybe these agents sell their “showing scheduling company” as something wonderful. However, they have been nothing but a waste of time, for the most part. These showing companies don’t know any of the particulars with reference to the property – mello roos – assessments – zoning – contingencies – home of choice – tenant occupied – tenant in place – etc.)

    The home could be vacant(or occupied), and when we arrive, trying to access the lockbox, we find outĀ someoneĀ has taken the key, from the lockbox, and did not replace it! (this happens – some forget and pocket the key)

    We may show up at a home, one where I followed the instructions to show to the letter, and the seller says that we cannot view the home. Even though I set it up with them! (there is little excuse for crazy in real estate)

    When I call on the listing, the agent may tell me – “We just received lots of offers…” (this one is probably true, but it was probably only one offer and that offer, depending on days on the market, was probably low šŸ™‚ )

    Angry Lady at her RealtorHere is one – we show up and the seller is hostile. They are hell-bent on punishing their real estate agent. Their relationship with the listing agent has fallen apart and they are not going to show the home. (This will persistĀ until they have the current listing cancelled and can re-list with another agent.)

    How about a showing that requires the listing agent to be present and walk through the home with us. (I’m not fond of this one. Most real estate buyers like it best when people are not home. And when the “listing agent” is present, it compounds the issue.)

    Over zealous and high pressure seller is at the home while we are viewing. (everyone thinks they know how to sell. I have encountered sellers that are worse than realtors. They follow my clients and I around the home and ask way too many questions. They also pitch every nook and crannie related to the home they are selling.)

    Vicious pets named “Fluffy”. (the pets that attack at the moment you walk into the door – those can be deal breakers – plus the bites can really hurt…)

    These are only some of the showing scenarios that we have encountered.

    However, know this – we call on every single listing we show. If we cannot get into touch with someone, we will still show it anyway just in case. However – the perfect scenario is us being able to speak with the listing agent and find out exactly what the status is!

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