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Santa Clarita Valley Lockboxes and your home for sale.

image196114829.jpgIf you have been looking for real estate or have a house to sell, you will want to hire a Realtor with Supra lockbox technology.

One of the items every seller of a home in Santa Clarita should not be without is a Local SCV real estate agent. The local agents know the market and know how to keep their clients safe from harm.

An important snippet of advice when you are in the selling process has to do with access. It is paramount for all of our sellers to insist agents gain access to their home using the lockbox. Not a combo box but the digitally controlled supra key box.

Even if the homeowner is watering the plants our front. Even if their front door is unlocked and open. This way your Realtor knows who entered and at what time. The time of showing is also recorded. This makes follow up a breeze. Follow up with the agents showing the home us crucial.

Connor MacIvor

Top REMAX Realtors in the Santa Clarita - Valencia and Greater Los Angeles areas. Local Real estate agents specializing in buyer and seller consultation and representation.

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