Santa Clarita Realtors should always listen first

    Make sure those you are hiring listen firstThe Top Real Estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley can all agree on one thing.  Answering clients questions and listening is very important.

    Yesterday Paris had the occasion to call one of the banks with which we do business with.

    I was amazed that the Assistant manager did not have the decency to let Paris finish her statements.

    She kept interrupting.  While I thought it was so rude, so abrupt, and so seemingly scripted – it was so unbelievable that Paris, and I started to laugh.

    It was like something straight out of a movie, but in this case, I was not looking for the camera.  However, this was her natural and untrained demeanor, it was not a movie, unfortunately.

    If one of those that worked for Paris or I had that same attitude when it came to one of our clients, we would have serious issues with that.

    In fact, we’d be retraining and developing their ability to listen without interrupting.

    If they were unable to adjust, they would no longer be part of the Paris911 Team of realtors.

    Life is too short to live on a day to day basis interrupting people.  If you give someone the respect they deserve and listen to everything they have to say, that usually repay in the same way.

    If they don’t, you can then point out how patient you were and how “now” it’s your turn.

    It is truly a sad state of affairs when someone that should be working for you, decides to take a different turn, wanting to lash out without having the decency to listen first to make sure they understand everything you are saying.

    Have a Great Tuesday – you can be sure we are going to be keeping our noses to the grindstone and working diligently on our clients requests.

    Here is one of our Castaic Real estate resources. While the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA works in many different cities around Southern California, we love to display various cities and the properties therein from time to time.

    This is one such case, and we hope you enjoy all of the newest real estate listings for Castaic CA.

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