As the Santa Clarita real estate world turns – New Episode

    We had several issues that had arisen lately, and they had to do with escrow and the lender.

    Protecting our real estate clientsThe fight between escrow companies and lenders are legendary.

    They happen a lot of the time because of the “blame” aspect of a typical real estate transaction.

    One party blaming the other party for things not being “on time” as they should within a real estate transaction.

    It happens that sometimes we have no control or influence, due to past relationships, with either the lender or escrow company that is being used by our client.

    When that happens, it’s very stressful. ¬†However, in these circumstances, the client typically never feels it. ¬†We shield our clients from everything that will not cause them harm.

    We protect them from those things that will cause them harm and advise accordingly.

    The bickering back and forth between a lender and an escrow officer is something that does not need to be conveyed to the client, unless that bickering is going to cause the client harm.

    It is at that time that we inform and have the client step up to put the service providers in check.

    The Santa Clarita real estate market it moving along and we are experiencing our yearly slow down as it relates to the speed at which the homes, condos and townhomes are moving and closing escrow.

    We have also noted that we have price reductions galore, most sellers and agent being used to the “investor laden” real estate market where appraisals were not influencing any of the local closings.

    Be safe and please let us know when you are ready to move and we will be there to shield and protect you too…

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