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    Santa Clarita Real Estate: Why Sell Short

    Santa Clarita short sale helpIf you are facing distressed property in regards to Santa Clarita real estate you undoubtedly have a million questions and worries floating through your mind.  It is a lot to take in.  Most likely you bought your home with the intention of living in it for a while or buying it and selling it in a couple of years for a decent market, after all that is the way the market was working when you bought it.  Unfortunately the recession hit, you lost the value in your home, and you may have lost the income to pay for it.  As the mortgage loans get put off due to a lack of funds, the more in arrears you get the closer your Santa Clarita home gets to foreclosure.

    Facing foreclosure is intimidating, down right scary to some, and a position few dreamed of being in.  A Santa Clarita foreclosure is, however, avoidable.  A short sale is a great way to avoid foreclosure with your Santa Clarita property.  When you successfully complete a foreclosure you could possibly acquire another home loan for a new home in as little as two years.  A short sale does far less damage to your credit than a foreclosure.  The process can take any where form two months to six months or more, but can save you much greater stress in the future.

    Contact us today to learn more about the short sale process. As Santa Clarita Realtors that are experienced with distressed property we can use our experience and knowledge to help you know your options and how to avoid foreclosing on your Santa Clarita home.

    Contact us at Remax Santa Clarita today to learn more about Santa Clarita real estate, as well as to have free access to the Santa Clarita MLS and all Santa Clarita properties that are currently listed for sale.

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