Santa Clarita real estate updates episode 203-2013

    Top Santa Clarita real estate team

    Today is Monday… Monday's can cause havoc within real estate circles. This is the day we also will compile our Market Reports for each of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    The reports have been completed, all that is left is for me to get them put together in PDF format to dispurse to the masses.

    Once that has been completed, you will be able to view where we were last week, compared with the week before.

    Yesterday, as stated on video, we had a couple in our offices that were deciding between Stevenson Ranch CA and Valencia CA. I showed them my pricing pages, because they wanted to see how the prices were trending on both of those Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    When it came to looking at the we noticed that the prices have shot up in an almost completely vertical way during the last few months. That graph seemed very scary.

    When we opened the Graph, there was an increase in prices, but no where so abrupt to shoot up in a Total Vertical format.

    After our clients looked at both of the graphs, they decided that Valencia CA would be the best fit for them.

    The next thing in the process, I explained, was for them to send me me their pre approval letter and for me to get them set up with one of my 100% buyers representatives. My Team is composed of Three Tull Time Buyers agents. I refer to them as my 100% buyers agents because that is all they do.

    24/7/365 – they serve the Paris911 Real Estate buyers 100%. That is all they do. They don't have to burden themselves with having to advertise. They don't have to put the time and effort into optimizing their websites. They don't have to field calls all day long. They don't have to write 3000+ words of content every single day, they don't have to maintain over 50 websites pointing to our Paris911 Brand and building systems to serve the buyers and sellers of the Paris911 Team…

    In other words, they just work with buyers. It is their job to monitor the new listings and dig in deep with the local networking groups to make sure they are informed immediately once a pocket listing is taken by any of the other “top producing teams” in the Santa Clarita real estate community.

    Reach out to my Paris911 Team when you are ready to rock and roll with regard to Real Estate. We have a method to our madness and are glad to share 🙂

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