Santa Clarita real estate radio episode 200-2013

    Searching for Santa Clarita real estate

    More Sellers Advantage

    We have been producing some fancies on a resource for our Santa Clarita real estate sellers called SlideShare.

    Our method and reason is as follows:  “If we can be where the real estate buyers are searching for homes, we become the best asset for our real estate sellers…”

    We have seen this proven time and time again by the way in which we can bring more buyers and obtain more “qualified” inquiries reference to our sellers real estate listings.

    Big talk, but can you prove it?

    A nice thing about the statement that I just made, it can be proven.  You can simple google some of the top used Search Phrases reference to Santa Clarita real estate, to see where you find our Paris911 Brand and other websites we own.

    Here are a few tips to search.  

    We watch the phrases and words that buyers use to search for homes at our local level.  We know those phrases, and those are called keywords.

    Here are a few:

    • Santa Clarita real estate – Organic results – between 1 and 5 on page 1 of google –
    • Santa Clarita real estate agents – Organic results – between 1 and 3 on google –
    • Santa Clarita Foreclosures – Organic results – between 1 and 6 on google page 1 –
    • REMAX of Valencia – Organic results – top “local ad for REMAX”, between 1 and 3 organic –

    Our Brand is “Above the Crowd…”

    The above phrases are searched thousands of times a month by both real estate buyers and sellers.

    When they do those searches, they eventually get into contact with our REMAX of Valencia Realty Team.

    And we help them 🙂  Be safe, search well and let us know when you are ready to MOVE…

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