Here is our Santa Clarita real estate news update by Video

    I know we don’t do Video as much as I probably should.  In fact, I really love the presentation aspect of video, therefore, I will do more.

    Just don’t watch me from a mirror – you may not see my reflection.  (halloween – vampire reference meant to be funny) 🙂

    September numbers came in a little lax due to interest rates, at least the experts are blaming the interest rates.

    Being in the field and conversing with my buyers agents, I deduce it may be something else.

    Not entirely, but partly. That is the fact that home prices are staying the same, but the list prices are rising faster than the appraisers are willing to adjust.

    In a market with lacking inventory – prices rise when demand is high for homes, condo’s and town-homes.

    However, during the last couple of months, I have talked about the shift taking place from a market with too little inventory to more inventory as we are seeing today.

    That inventory coupled with the prices of those homes being higher than people are willing to pay, has caused list to sale price reductions in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  You can see those for yourself by heading over to the Top Real Estate Resource Site for Santa Clarita Valley and by typing in the words:   Price Reductions    – Into the MacBoX at the top of the screen.

    You will see all of the real estate that has price reductions occur from their listing prices to the sales prices.  Also, most of these reductions are taking place prior to the property closing escrow or getting offer number 1.

    That is why their price has been reduced.

    We are the local real estate team of and hope you have great Monday.

    We will see you tomorrow, be safe and search well.  To tune into our Daily Real Estate show for the Santa Clarita Valley cities and the greater Los Angeles Areas, all you have to do is type the world Daily into our macBoX at

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