Santa Clarita Real Estate news update – Case Studies and more

    Real Estate case studies – We have those

    We have been developing systems for Real Estate.clients to assist them with things that they have been wanting answers to, related to real estate 🙂

    We have built three thus far – and have incorporated each one within our MacBoX. First – at the beginning of this Santa Clarita real estate daily show, you will see that we have posted up the Main Santa Clarita real estate case study page.

    Helping real estate clientele the best

    This is where you will be able to see our “why” with regard to developing case studies of how we have solved our clients real estate related issues by building local Santa Clarita real estate search systems.

    That's not all! – Our case studies have also built into our MacBoX system for Real Estate. If you are not aware, our MacBoX is a system that is known as the premier Search Tool for Paris911 Realty Systems.

    If you are listening to a podcast of ours or a Santa Clarita radio broadcast, or even reading one of the articles we publish about Santa Clarita real estate or local business, we will typically reference a term that is something you can type into the MacBoX at

    It will be my way of offering you more information about the topic being discussed. Such as Foreclosures – You can type the word Foreclosures into the MacBoX at and you will be taken to a page that I have built. The page shows all of the Foreclosures that are currently available, it shows the Foreclosures that are coming soon and it shows the notice of default filings too.

    For our Case Studies – We have a couple that I can speak about – a few other are in process. Foreclosure Services and how we helped our clients with their Foreclosure Inquires – and still do! NOD – Notice of Defaults and how we have helped our Santa Clarita real estate clients search for these types of listings.

    There will be others, as I stated, they are in process. Come back, thanks for reading and let us know if we can interview for the job of being interviewed to be your Realtor for Life – Or at least for now 🙂


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