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    Santa Clarita real estate news – This is the Daily show – Hello!

    The Santa Clarita listing inventory has been better, with 511 active real estate listings currently for sale in the Santa Clarita valley Cities – we are only about 3 months, without any new listings being added, from hitting zero real estate listings for sale.

    Santa Clarita real estate newsThere was a time, less than 2 months ago, where we were watching a change from a sellers to a buyers real estate market, however, that was short lived.

    Today, with our low inventory and very few real estate listings being added to the local market, we see sellers demanding more, in money, for their real estate listings and buyers that are willing to pay.

    Don’t panic, real estate is relative, and your professional realtor will best advise you on what amount you should be offering and how that “amount” should be delivered.

    There are many different ways that a seasoned and professional real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley cities can represent a real estate buyers offer.

    That is why those relationships, amongst the top producing Santa Clarita realtors, are so very important.

    There have been many occasions where one of my Paris911 team at REMAX of Valencia CA has called the listing agent concerning a piece of real estate, to explain to them why we wrote our clients offer at less than the asking price.

    Without that phone call and without that “communication”, the offer would have been “round filed” before the seller saw it.

    With our connections with a majority of the Top Real Estate listing agents, and with having access to many buyers agents for our sellers listings, we are able to make real estate happen, and closings occur to the relief of our real estate buyers and real estate sellers.

    Never let anyone tell you that it does not matter what agents think of each other.  It matters greatly.  

    It matters if the agent writing the offer is respected in the local community or if they are considered the largest crook in the real estate industry.

    You will know how well your real estate agent is respected after going a few rounds with offering on real estate listings that are for sale. From a Santa Clarita real estate sellers perspective, you will see with regard to communication and length of time it takes to sell your listing, if it’s priced right.

    Be safe – enjoy the weekend, and we will be back tomorrow at our Santa Clarita real estate daily show.

    Our Paris911 Team is out in force this weekend let us know when you are ready to move, and we can get you inside our offices for a meeting consisting of developing a real estate game plan.

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