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    scvblog-real-estate-newsWelcome to the week of April 17, 2017. Today is April 18, 2017 and this is Santa Clarita real estate news from the offices of Connor T. MacIvor and Group with REMAX of Valencia/Santa Clarita.

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    Before we get into this week’s real estate news, I’m Connor with HONOR I have been serving representing buyers and sellers of real estate since 1998. I work with my partner in life, Paris MacIvor and she joined me in 1999. I served as a LAPD cop for a long time achieving an “honorary” retirement – meaning no retirement income 🙂 – I have no regrets!  At least regrets I’ll admit.

    Here is how this week’s real estate numbers fall into place. Within the Santa Clarita valley cities we are still seeing ultra low inventory. 451 total active homes/condos/townhomes for sale as of the date of this real estate article and Santa Clarita real estate news broadcast. 451 is a low number as far as active real estate listings go and creates a dynamic known as a seller’s real estate market.

    A bit of validation – We are very close to the lowest amount of real estate listings that we have seen for any given time period in Santa Clarita housing news:

    Active Listings, Number of
    Month 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    Jan 1020 1127 1087 997 943
    Feb 1044 1172 1123 1073 891
    Mar 1007 1205 1173 1138 945
    Apr 1018 1239 1228 1117
    May 1018 1315 1249 1145
    Jun 1079 1427 1344 1216
    Jul 1165 1430 1345 1250
    Aug 1148 1344 1301 1250
    Sep 1192 1315 1254 1227
    Oct 1156 1202 1170 1168
    Nov 1150 1123 1128 1072
    Dec 1048 1036 977 935

    As you can see, and as my Santa Clarita real estate news group reported – December 2016 was the ultimate low point at 935 active real estate listings in the cities of Santa Clarita – Castaic, Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch. March of 2017 closed out at 945 – those are very low numbers. In order to create a market where the Buyer is favored, called a Buyer’s real estate market, we would need to literally double the amount of homes/condos/townhomes for sale on the Santa Clarita Housing Market.


    Interest Rates Still Low 4.08%

    Real estate mortgage interest rates have not shot through the roof and are still within the early 4’s. A person can still obtain a 30 year fixed mortgage at a 4.08% interest rate as of today’s real estate news article for Santa Clarita.

    Those numbers may fluctuate slightly depending on the type of loan – VA, FHA, Conventional and depending on which lender you are using – Mainline Bank, Credit Union or Mortgage Broker, however – those numbers should not deviate very much at this time. Your Credit history and score will also impact the interest rate you will be granted! Ask your lender to explain.

    Verification of getting a great deal on your loan and interest rate is going to happen a couple of ways. Make sure your lender sends you a full copy of your credit report. Also make sure your lender sends you a good faith estimate.

    If they tell you they cannot send you a copy of your credit report because doing so violates some sort of agreement they have with their credit report supply company, walk away.

    If they tell you they cannot supply for you a good faith estimate because you don’t have a home identified as of yet, then tell them to make one up within your approximate price range and with the items you desire (HOA, Mello Roos), etc.. If they say they cannot, then walk away.

    There are a ton of Real Estate lenders in Santa Clarita Valley who will fight for your business. When buying real estate, my services for you are FREE, but you are going to be paying a lender, it does not hurt to shop around in both cases. Looking to be referred to a Top Santa Clarita real estate lender – call me 661-400-1720!

    Times to sell and prices

    Days on market time frames and prices are a great indicator as to the health of any real estate market.

    Month Days to Sell, Median List Price, Median
    Jan 2013 40 $320,000
    Feb 2013 41 $339,000
    Mar 2013 39 $346,000
    Apr 2013 33 $351,500
    May 2013 33 $379,900
    Jun 2013 35 $359,500
    Jul 2013 33 $374,995
    Aug 2013 34 $390,000
    Sep 2013 40 $398,000
    Oct 2013 39 $375,000
    Nov 2013 40 $355,000
    Dec 2013 46 $379,000
    Jan 2014 47 $395,000
    Feb 2014 44 $401,000
    Mar 2014 43 $399,900
    Apr 2014 43 $415,000
    May 2014 42 $414,500
    Jun 2014 44 $400,000
    Jul 2014 45 $415,250
    Aug 2014 49 $399,450
    Sep 2014 49 $429,560
    Oct 2014 54 $425,000
    Nov 2014 52 $400,000
    Dec 2014 58 $419,900
    Jan 2015 56 $435,000
    Feb 2015 50 $435,000
    Mar 2015 49 $440,000
    Apr 2015 43 $465,000
    May 2015 43 $449,000
    Jun 2015 45 $445,000
    Jul 2015 43 $455,000
    Aug 2015 47 $449,000
    Sep 2015 46 $449,000
    Oct 2015 46 $462,425
    Nov 2015 59 $439,000
    Dec 2015 55 $429,900
    Jan 2016 57 $429,900
    Feb 2016 55 $450,000
    Mar 2016 47 $489,900
    Apr 2016 42 $465,403
    May 2016 48 $490,000
    Jun 2016 44 $498,500
    Jul 2016 41 $470,000
    Aug 2016 48 $484,950
    Sep 2016 46 $489,999
    Oct 2016 38 $485,000
    Nov 2016 33 $467,900
    Dec 2016 42 $449,900
    Jan 2017 42 $495,000
    Feb 2017 37 $459,000
    Mar 2017 35 $499,999
    Export as CSV

    Time frame is from Jan 2013 to Mar 2017

    City is one of ‘Canyon Country’, ‘Castaic’, ‘Newhall’, ‘Saugus’, ‘Stevenson Ranch’, ‘Valencia’
    Results calculated from approximately 24,000 listings


    Timing is everything in real estate. The Santa Clarita real estate market closed at the highest sales prices recorded March of 2017 if you view the historical record from the cities I compiled of Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia.

    This is primarily due to interest rates rumored to be headed up to the Mid 4’s sometime this year and the lack luster real estate inventory.

    We will keep you posted via our Santa Clarita real estate broadcast and our Santa Clarita real estate news which we post every week on our Santa Clarita blog.

    Be safe – reach out to me personally when you are ready to get your real estate WON! I’m Connor with REMAX of Valencia/Santa Clarita and I’m glad to be at your service.

    If you know of/hear of anyone wanting to embark on a real estate journey with regard to buying/selling, please tell them of us and bring them this great article related to Santa Clarita real estate news so they can see what we are about!

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