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    Santa Clarita Real Estate Mortgage rates on the Rise

    With all of the Santa Clarita Real Estate reports that are available for all to see, there should be a very clear picture of where the Santa Clarita Real Estate economy is currently.

    We have been observing that Santa Clarita Buyers, in general, have not been as active with their real estate searches as once upon a time.  The first of the year usually begins with a small bang – builds throughout spring and slows again during the mid to latter summer.  We are waiting for the Spring Built up.

    This year will be no different – With Interest rates on the rise – going from the 4.25% mark and approaching 5% – it seems to be slowing some and pressuring others.  Buying a home is a very personal decision and it needs to be thought about carefully.  Also, if you have others around you that might have more experience with matters such as these – you will want to obtain their counsel.

    When speaking with your ‘lender of choice’, ask they how the new credit rules are going to impact you getting a loan.  They are the SME, subject matter expert, and they should be taking their time by explaining everything.  I hate those “canned” responses to inquiries and questions about tedious and stressful situations.  Such as, “You are good as Gold – Don’t worry – We got it – Never Fear – I have you Covered…”  I want real answers and hate surprises.

    Make sure you are working with a Realtor® Also – We just had an encounter with an agent that was branded, website in place, personal email, apparently the whole package.  Come to find out, said agent was not a Realtor®, there is also a possibility the agent was also unlicensed.  Run them online and check their status – if you are wondering about the correct spelling of their name – Google Them.

    Watch out for yourselves and make sure you are getting quality representation from someone that has an established track record in Real Estate by adding value and with Loyal Clients.  Furthermore, see if they have been writing and if so what about.  I can tell a lot about a person by what they write and if they are a “hater” or just want to disseminate good Value to potential clients by their articles.

    Connor with HONOR!

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