Santa Clarita real estate market catchup #194-2013

    With so much going on in the news and with distractions everywhere – We have Zimmerman to the NSA employee fleeing to Russia.

    Plus everything in between. One thing that I enjoy is doing my best to stay away from the mainstream news. You will also find those that are reporting on real estate with all of the “hail and brimstone” they can muster.

    Is the local Santa Clarita real estate market bad enough to cause all of the “high pressure pitches” that are being slewn in Blogdom?

    Recap – Interest rates 4.5-4.7%, Not the lowest they have been, but very low still.

    Sellers – demanding more $$$ money for their homes than they have been able to do since before the last 14 months. In some cases, short sale sellers were able to forgo the short sale and sell their home for break even or better for their “owed” amounts.

    At the preceeding website, you will be able to use our to get a handle on your value. If you have been needing to sell, you maybe in better waters than you think.

    Santa Clarita real estate reports

    One of the other issues that comes to the table when people are considering real estate in our valley is getting the answer to the question of “How is the market?”.

    Both Paris and I teamed up with a Housing Market reporting website and research firm. We wanted our clients to obtain the most recent reports for each of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    If you are interested in getting such a report emailed to you on a weekly basis – go here:

    Home Values and Prices in the SCV We have built this resource to assist our real estate sellers and buyers with the question of “how much are homes selling for?”

    It's complete data – the current prices of real estate in each of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.


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