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    Santa Clarita Real Estate is about Choices

    The older I get the more I realize that outcomes depend on the choices we have made in the beginning.  With so many “choices” that exist for us to choose from, it is a wonder we don’t get paralyzed with fear.

    Here are a few things that I know for certain.

    • You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink – and you might get kicked if you try.
    • Opinions are like….  (I think you have heard this one – I’ll stop here…)Choose Wisely in Santa Clarita
    • Working with someone that is most familiar with a specific city or area is best.
    • When Buying a Home you are not paying Commission.
    • I love to buy – but I hate to be sold.

    Pressure of any kind is unpleasant for me.  I don’t like it when I am called by the “tele-marketer” that is not prepared with the correct data or is reading from a script.  The Data that makes me feel special and not like i’m just another number.  Caring enough about their craft to have at least memorized the pitch and personalized it in some way.  I don’t need to be romanced, but I would like to get factual data.  Keep me informed – let me know possible outcomes to my decisions.  I depend on those who’s services I choose to keep me from making bad “choices”. I expect them to be upfront with me and not to take me to the “cleaners” for their own selfish gain.

    I remember back in 1990 when I first started the LAPD. I had a training officer(30+ year veteran) – that had a habit of talking while he was chewing food – it was a typical occurance to have food sprayed on me as we ate Code-7(LAPD police vernacular for the eating break).  However, I’ll never forget something he told me, “Pick and choose your friends wisely, Horsefly…”

    As I look back from today – I have to say I took his advice about 5 years too late after having received it 🙂  But today, I get it.  Real Estate is about choices – Whether you work with our Team or another, whether you have a friend in the business or get referred by a friend, you will want to Choose “wisely”.

    There is a difference between a Hungry Real Estate Agent and a Starving Real Estate Agent – A Hungry Agent is very motivated and will do their best to get you, as a seller or buyer, what you want(the most money or the best price). However, a Starving Realtor is dangerous and might just eat a client 🙁

    After listening to a potential client yesterday about the things that are going on in her life, job, current lease, kids, parents and other factors that might influence the “Largest investment of her and her husbands life…” – I said the following, “When you have someone who’s whole livelihood is dependent on commission, tell you that now is not the right time to buy for your specific scenario – You should listen.”

    We are here to help – We meet with all of our prospective clients before we show them homes or list theirs.  As Paris is fond of saying, “you are not buying a pair of shoes”.  A Home is a BIG decision and takes, in most cases, 30+years to pay off.  Choose Wisely who Represents you…

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