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    Santa Clarita real estate Daily Show – It’s the 4th of January 2013

    Well, I for one won’t have much in the way of donuts again – that’s for sure 🙂 – a little humor at my own expense because of that 22 years of being a cop thing…

    Moving on – Today in real estate we are seeing that all of those investors that had the Buy – Hold – Rent – Strategies during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2012 – are headed to get less for rent that they previously thought.

    • Agents talking about success on Facebook – there is a lot of marketing going on
    • It flabbergasts me a lot of the time – they are very successful – 5 or 6 homes being sold
    • They are listing 5 or 6 houses a day – when you run the numbers – it’s not trueReal Estate listings and Google Plus
    • Someone teaches a real estate class about Facebook – wish it and you will receive it
    • Case and point – this AM – they have a big spin on how they do social media / marketing
    • I don’t understand all of that process – I only do it for us – we are very very satisfied
    • We only want to be real estate agents – we are spending long hours with those that we are working for
    • We live for the relationship.  They built this mega business for Social and marketing
    • That’s why she became successful – she then let other people run her business
    • They traveled to other parts of the world – and 2 years later, after buying their daughters new cars
    • they paid for college for their daughters – we were sitting across from each other and were now broke
    • She did not think she wanted to be a real estate agent because most agents are hated
    • She now has this real estate training program in place for real estate agents
    • Reminds me of when I was at the police academy – I had been in the field working motors
    • Now I was at the LAPD academy as an adjunct Firearms instructor.
    • I remember the stories told by the actual firearms staff
    • Come to find out some were not true – some were billowed up and made to look more impressive
    • Some say they embellish stories to make a point – I think truth is best
    • This is the bottom line – if you want to purchase or buy real estate – interview that person you are hiring
    • Make sure they are looking at all parts of the process
    • If your agent is telling you that you should spend more than you are wanting too – be careful
    • If they are telling you that you should not make your deal contingent, when you have something to sell – watch out
    • If you are a seller of real estate and if your wanting to buy a home – you need that to be contingent if you don’t have the ability to make two house payments
    • Relationships in real estate is very important
    • VA and FHA clients – what a difficult process to get those financing types accepted by sellers
    • Especially when they are in competition with conventional offers
    • What are the relationships between your agent and other agents – are they in networking groups
    • Winds blowing in the Santa Clarita Valley – Be careful – New Resources
    • Paris911 have a look around – the lifestyle search map we have on our home page
    • Check it out – you can move that map around the entire California area.  The level the map is zoomed out to
    • That are the only actually available listings that are for sale right now
    • It does more than just search for real estate – you can use it to search for markets, clothing stores, really a one stop shop
    • Paris911 P A R I S 911 – I am Connor MacIvor – your host – this is your update

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