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    Interviewing Santa Clarita Buyers Agents

    I interviewed a very nice lady yesterday about coming on board as a buyers agent.

    She said she had no problem being an evangelist for our Paris911 Team brand. That is a necessary component with regard to a buyers agent of REMAX of Valencia's Paris911 Team. “I don't want robots, but I do want people that are naturally positive and wish to spread the message of how we take care of our clients above and beyond the competition…”, -Paris MacIvor

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    No Robots Allowed

    She is right, we don't want robots. We want good people to work with the Paris911 Buyers, and we have 5 of those “Good People” that work with our local Santa Clarita real estate team.

    Only the BEST Buyers Agents will do

    They are known as Buyers Agents. They don't have the pressure of marketing and taking care of the “inner-workings” of running a team or offices. And as long as I can remained blessed in the ability to have people reaching out to our Team on-line and via other media, to assist them with the largest purchase of their lives, they don't have to advertise themselves either.

    Government Brainwashing

    I spent too long within the structure of a government organization to allow any “team related” issues enter the picture with agents versus management. We simply don't have any of those “inner strife / conflict” issues arise within our team. In fact, when the balloon goes up we are all going to be on the same page of music… (Swat Team Leader said that during a training day back in 1994 – Post Riots – Love

    Same Team – Same Team

    Just make sure you are well represented when it comes to real estate. Make sure the agent you have selected has your best interests at heart and that they are keeping on the cutting edge of what they do best as far as client representation.

    It is always about the client – never about the agent. Be safe – search well and let the Paris911 Team know wneh you are ready to MOVE so we can round up our Buyers Agents to be of assistance.


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