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    • Santa Clarita Real Estate Daily show – 24 listings entered escrow in the past 24 hours!!!

    Santa Clarita Real Estate Daily show – 24 listings entered escrow in the past 24 hours!!!

    Above is the daily “audio cast” daily update for Santa Clarita real estate – Please click to listen the show and have a look through our other real estate blogs for the Santa Clarita Valley.

    • On our Santa Clarita Short sale and Foreclosure blog – we talk about the issues – more directly as they pertain to the local Santa Clarita short sale community and the Bank Owned/Foreclosure inventory.  Even in a healthy real estate market we are about 1% foreclosure inventory.  There are always folks experiencing “life changing” events that create the situation where a mortgage is defaulted on.  This is where we talk about those types of things.  Click here to access The Paris911 Santa Clarita short sale and foreclosure blog.Santa Clarita real estate and homes
    • REMAX Santa Clarita Relocation Blog – Our systems your move.  On this blog, we discuss the ways in which folks can potentially get taken unless they are working with agents that are “trained” in the art of Relocation.  We also talk about the “moving companies”, because of ourselves falling victim/prey during one of our last moves.  Where to relocate to – Should I rent or buy when relocating – Where can I find temporary housing – and more.  This is also our LEO – Law Enforcement focused blog – Where Talking from the HIP is not unusual 🙂 – click here to check our our Santa Clarita relocation blog.
    • How to Sell a home in the Santa Clarita Valley blog – We talk about the concerns that we hear from both our Buyers and Sellers of Real estate.  What they are looking for when it comes to viewing a sellers real estate listing in the SCV.  What the sellers want when they are going to prepare their home for sale.  We balance the two fronts and bring them together coupled with our Team’s experiences when it comes to representing sellers of homes in the Santa Clarita Valley.  This is the place where you will also be able to view our Santa Clarita market Updates.  Our updates are weekly and cover the Santa Clarita Single Family Residences and the Santa Clarita Valley Condo’s and Town-homes.  click here to visit our Top Santa Clarita real estate representatives blog.

    I want to say “That’s it” – but I know you may be thinking, “Geez Connor, don’t you have anything else we can read????”  As a matter of fact I do.  We are in the process of building a Santa Clarita Valley resource site.  This website will be working and function at Santa Clarita Valley dot org – that is with the (.org) extension.  Santa Clarita Valley’s resources, shopping, restaurants, schools, stores, beauty supply, houses of Worship and more.  It is an interactive “mapping device” that allows someone interested in the Santa Clarita Valley to search for all sources.  We have kept the “real estate part” to a minimum 🙂

    One More resource – our Santa Clarita business blog.  We have parked this one and write on it every few days about IT, SEO(search engine optimization), How to get your website on page 1 google, what content marketing is all about, what are some of things to watch out for when people call and tell you how they can get you on the first page of Google for $49.00 a month?  This one is located at Business.paris911.com – If you are a local Realtor, business owner or a business owner or realtor somewhere else in the world – you can subscribe to these updates by heading over to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website and typing into the MaCboX at the top of the screen the word, “tips” without the quotes.

    Be Safe – I hope you have enjoyed our Real Estate and Paris911 local Santa Clarita resources as they have been laid out by yours truly.  Please feel free to contact us by giving us a call, shooting us an email, or commenting below.   BE Safe – here is to GREAT Real Estate and may you be represented by a real estate agent that you truly deserve!!!

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