The Santa Clarita real estate daily is out – Episode 01082014

    Expert Real estate agents in Santa Clarita Valley citiesAs you well know we number our episodes of the Santa Clarita real estate daily by the date.

    Today’s daily shows that we are still lacking inventory and the price reductions abound in the SCV cities.

    The same holds true all around Los Angeles County.  The Santa Clarita Valley being a small cross section of the “larger picture”.

    Tomorrow we will be using our Terradatum market metrics to show you the local prices and many other things for Los Angeles County Single Family homes over the past year.

    One of the things we hold fast to is the fact some sellers are too optimistic. This is not a problem, it only is an issue when they don’t know the truth.

    When the know their true property value and choose to dismiss it, that is another story.

    As a Santa Clarita real estate seller, you will always be able to find another Santa Clarita Realtor that is willing to list your home for more than it’s worth.  Beating all of the other agents you have interviewed to sell your home.

    One of the things we hold true is the fact we don’t beat around the bush when pricing real estate.

    We have a Better than Average ideas where the appraisal will fall, what buyers will be willing to pay for your home and what types of financing will be most prevalent when those write offers for the real estate we are selling.

    Make sure you are working with real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley that are able to back up their pricing advice with factual data. The data they provide should only come from the closed real estate data. Only using the sold Santa Clarita sales that are Apples to Apples in comparison.

    That way you are not getting tied up with bad data such as is provided by some of the major players in the Real Estate Syndication website games.  Including those “online only” estimates that provide what your home is worth by using an algorithm and not an Expert Agents opinion.

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