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    Santa Clarita Real Estate, Buying Your First Home

    Santa Clarita real estateIt’s a New Year, perhaps the one you have been waiting for, you have been looking at Santa Clarita real estate and have decided that now if the right time for you to buy your first home.  It’s a big decision, no doubt one you have been pondering for quite some time.  Now what?

    First, examine your finances.  Determine how much home you think you can afford.  Create a budget and plug in extra expenses like a new water heater, a fresh coat of paint, HOA dues if they pertain to what you buy, home owners insurance, etc.

    Second, locate a Santa Clarita Realtor and a lender.  You may already know one, in which ask him to recommend the other.  Experience and knowledge matter, as does personality.  Find people that you can work with and listen to their advice, while educating yourself on the market at the same time.

    Locate where you want to live.  Do you want the Santa Clarita property you are searching for to be in a neighborhood?  Close to schools?  Near entertainment and shopping?

    Understand that your first home may be a stepping home and far from the dream home you envisioned.  It is a buyers market in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Prepare first, then get out and start looking.  Contact us today and learn more about what is involved when it comes to buying your first home.

    Contact us at Remax Santa Clarita today to learn more about Santa Clarita real estate, as well as to have free access to the Santa Clarita MLS and all Santa Clarita properties that are currently listed for sale.

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