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    Santa Clarita Real Estate Buyers Briefing, it’s not just for Cops!

    In the days of the LAPD roll call’s – the Sheriff’s call them Briefings, it was like a Family Reunion.  Well maybe no that “warm and cuddly”, but there was some extremely important “safety” information that was relayed to the rank and file by the supervision.  You might be asking, why do we have to meet?

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    We have taken the Police Roll Call or Sheriff’s Briefing into our Santa Clarita Real Estate business.  We have our clients come into our offices before we show “home, condo or town-home number 1”.  We talk, our clients listen, they ask questions, we answer – but then the brainstorming starts.

    We look at representing our clients as if each one is a savvy and seasoned real estate investor.  We talk about real estate as I instruct about Firearms when I am teaching at the Police Academy (as I still do as a Full Line Reserve Officer with LAPD).

    We start at the beginning listening to what our clients wish to do.

    • Have they ever bought a home
    • How was that experience and how we will demonstrate a better way to treat clients!
    • What they can expect
    • How the Lending arm of real estate functions
    • How to get the best deal on a loan, and so much more.  We want our clients to have their bases covered when making the largest investment of their lives.

    Within every real estate transaction, there is a lot that can and will happen.  The same goes with any Shooting Scenario that a Law Enforcement officer might find themselves being presented with.  While Shootings are almost always – surprises, with one side having to abide by strict rules. Real Estate has it’s fair share of “surprises” with rules that apply to both sides of a transaction. The agent representing you(that would be us…) and the agent representing the other party to the transaction.

    There are other “chief’s” involved also – Lending, Pest Inspection, Home inspector, escrow, title, home owners associations and many more.  When we can give our clients the “what should happen” scenarios – it is a plus. When we can give our clients the “what could happen” – that’s even better.  When we talk about our past experiences and what our client’s have experienced – the feedback they have given is invaluable.  When we can demonstrate how we have put methods in place to keep any “issues and hassle” to a minimum – we are then showing our Worth as Realtors.

    IF you want to schedule your buyers briefing today, it’s free and without obligation – fill out the form below or call us!

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