Santa Clarita real estate buyer concerns for 2014

    Search for Santa Clarita open housesWhen you look at the real estate market, where we have come from and where we are currently, you will see that in most of the Cities we are pretty far from the last “bottom”.

    This is making sellers of real estate happy and motivated to continue to move forward with wanting to sell their homes.

    We see this in the conversations with the sellers that contact our team.  However, most of the sellers are under the presumption that their homes are worth more than buyers are willing to pay.

    See how I mentioned that without stepping on too many toes?

    – Not worth more than the exact fair market value would have been more of a slam – However, in any real estate market, the homes are truly only worth what a buyer will pay for it.

    Some buyers take longer to make their decision, and some buyers may be willing to give the sellers more than the fair market value indicates their homes are worth.

    How do you find those buyers?  You need to be working with a savvy real estate agent that can keep your home placed in front of the most buyers possible.

    That way, if one of those “pay whatever I want” buyers do exist  – they will see the home that your real estate agent is selling for you.

    Be safe – enjoy our Thursday Update.

    I have been nominated and asked to join the Technology Council with the Southland Regional Association of Realtors – the SRAR.

    Today is our first meeting so I will see if I am a good fit for the group and the group for me.


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